Babysitters in Katherine, Northern Territory - Outback, NT

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An overview on babysitting

When you have children, a successful night out involves more than just a nice meal and good company. You also need someone to keep an eye on the children, and that's what a babysitter does.

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How to find a brilliant babysitter

Whether you're looking for after school assistance, emergency back-up or a cosy date night, there is a sitter to suit your circumstances.

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Babysitter checklist

A useful checklist covering things parents should think about when choosing and preparing for a babysitter

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Parent / Babysitter Notes

Next time you use a babysitter we've produced a handy note to fill in and then print out for the babysitter

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Babysitter Tool Kit for Parents

If you aren't one of the lucky parents who has a lovely 18 year old living next door or doting grandparents nearby, then chances are the time will come when you'll need to source a babysitter from the wider world.

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Hello virtual babysitting!

COVID-19 has brought about big changes in the way we work, parent and enjoy our downtime. The good news is that virtual babysitters are available to help parents balance competing pressures, and carve out some ‘me time’

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The important role that grandparents play in child care

Whether Granny is working part-time, or Grandad is fully retired, many members of the older generation are busy with another job – caring for their grandchildren.


The Katherine area has 53 suburbs.

If this is not the area you are interested in, try broadening your Babysitters search to all of Northern Territory - Outback.