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November 11, 2015
Thinking about child care alternatives for next year? Now is a great time to visit the services on your shortlist and we tell you how to gain the most from these visits. Also, a stack of gift ideas to help you say thanks to the carers who look after your kids.
Try before you buy
Why you should visit a service before signing up
With the end of the year fast approaching and 2016 just around the corner now is a great time to take a long hard look at your child care options for next year.

One of the best ways to make a decision about which child care service to use is to compile a short list of your top two or three services and then visit them.

Visiting your preferred child care service during normal operating hours will give you great insight in to how the staff interact with the children, how the children interact with each other, and ultimately whether the service is the right place for your child.

Most child care services are happy for parents to drop in, so don't feel awkward about visiting and make sure you ask lots of questions.
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Seasonal gift ideas for carers
A loved and trusted child carer can sometimes feel like part of the family. These dedicated people share many of the major milestones which mark a child's progression through life in the precious first five years: learning to walk, toilet training, learning to write their name and sometimes even losing a first tooth.

Carers also help children deal with the little knock backs in life, they are there to patch a stubbed toe, soothe when a favoured toy is being played with by another kid and proffer a well needed cuddle when mum heads off to work in the morning.

Many children form a very close bond with their carers and for many parents leaving their children safe in the hands of such warm, nurturing and talented staff makes it possible for them to be successful in other aspects of their life such as work or study.
Unsure about your child care options?
Use our child care compass to find the best child care for your family
Our aim at is to ensure you can easily find high quality child care when and where you need it. We also understand that searching for child care can feel like an overwhelming task and that's why we developed this new interactive tool called the Child Care Compass

Simply answer a few questions and the compass will provide the child care options that best suit the needs of your family.
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