Childcare operators warned against fee hikes
Daily Telegraph – Patricia Karvelas – May 10, 2007

THE Federal Government has warned childcare operators not to raise fees after parents receive a budget boost to help pay for childcare...

Child care rebates set to improve
The Age – Annabel Stafford – May 10, 2007

PARENTS may be able to get child-care rebates as often as once a fortnight once the new federal care database is up and running at the end of next year, ...

Young mums to warn teens on baby bonus pitfall
Brisbane Times – Stephanie Peatling – May 10, 2007

Young mothers will be recruited to a Federal Government schools campaign to warn teenagers from having children just to get the $4000 baby bonus. ...

Child payment to go fortnightly
Daily Telegraph – Sue Dunlevy – May 10, 2007

PARENTS will be paid the $4000-a-year 30 per cent childcare rebate fortnightly from as early as January 2009 - ending a major gripe of ...

Big gap in Costello's education
Daily Telegraph – Zoe Taylor – May 10, 2007

He has done very little to alleviate childcare costs for Sydneysiders and he has done nothing about the abysmal state of preschool education....

No value in tax changes
Courier Mail – Peter Saunders – May 10, 2007

In his last election Budget three years ago, Costello complicated things by introducing a new childcare rebate on top of the existing childcare benefit...

'No guidelines' on fighting obesity
Advertiser Adelaide – Laura Anderson, May 10, 2007

'The Government has again failed to consider the ways in which business can work in partnership with Government to meet Australia's childcare needs,' she ...

Subsidies are only part of the answer
Sydney Morning Herald - Adele Horin - May 9, 2007

While child care is expensive and hard to find, mothers have no incentive to go back to work...

Shorter wait and higher benefit for parents
Sydney Morning Herald - Stephanie Peatling - May 9, 2007

Parents will receive up to $20 a week more to help them meet child-care fees and will no longer have to wait for up to two years to receive the 30 per cent rebate...

Childcare measures key points
Daily Telegraph – May 8, 2007

An extra 3000 disabled children will get childcare access over the next five years through the inclusion support subsidy.

Families battle funds trap
Daily Telegraph – Sue Dunlevy – May 8, 2007

FAMILIES figuring out how to cover four interest rate rises, skyrocketing grocery bills and rising childcare fees might question why $5 billion of their ...

Extra funds for childcare
Melbourne Herald Sun – Jane Bunce – May 8, 2007

About 730,000 families will receive an extra weekly payment of up to $20.50 for each child under changes to child care benefits announced...

Costello splashes $2.1bn on low-income families
The Australian – Stephen Lunn – May 8, 2007

Treasurer Peter Costello has also made a provision for low income families in his 2007 Budget by announcing a 10 per cent increase to the Child Care Benefit...

Childcare cash upped $4.10 a day
Daily Telegraph – Sue Dunlevy – May 8, 2007

By Sue Dunlevy. WEEKLY childcare benefit subsidies were increased by up to $4.10 per day and the Federal Government will bring forward payment of the 30 per...

Childcare rebate revamped
Courier Mail – Steven Wardill – May 8, 2007

FAMILIES could soon receive the Federal Government's 30 per cent rebate on out-of-pocket childcare expenses at regular intervals throughout the year.