Family Day Care services in Sydney, NSW

In Sydney we have 1,292 Family Day Care services

The average cost is $10.38 hourly, $103.83 daily (10 hours)

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The average National Standard Rating (NQS) is Meeting National Quality Standard.

  Occasional, Casual or Flexible Care Articles & Tips

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What is occasional care?

An overview of occasional care including what it is, how to find it, what your child will do there, who uses it and why and how much it costs.

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How to plan child care in times of uncertainty

Learn why it is important to have a back up plan in case your usual child calls through and how to develop a range of contingencies to suit different circumstances.

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How to organise child care when you travel for work

Learn how to plan for and execute work trips when you have small children at home including a range of tried and tested tips as well as ideas for staying connected while you are away.

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Working from home: Child care and other strategies

Strategies for successfully and productively working from home when you have children around including house lay out, naptimes, using nannies and more.

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Child care for people who work non-standard hours

Child care strategies for shift workers and people who work non-standard or extended hours who can’t source child care services in the usual places.

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Child care strategies for the school holidays

Tried and tested child care strategies for working parents who only have four weeks leave a year.


Sydney has 14 regions.

If this is not the area you are interested in, try broadening your Family Day Care search to all of NSW.