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Features and Benefit Statement

Our Service is open 52 weeks per, closing only for gazetted public holidays. The centre is open between the hours of 6.30am- 6.00pm Monday through to Friday. As of the 2nd of July 2018 Pelicans in the City -Centre One will introduce 9-hour, 10-hour and full day sessions of care.

Child Care Subsidy:

The Package includes a new Child Care Subsidy, which replaces the current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. The Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to services.

There are also changes to the annual cap which will make child care more affordable for most families.

Three things will determine a family’s level of Child Care Subsidy:

  • A family’s annual adjusted taxable income will determine the percentage of subsidy they are eligible for
  • An activity test will determine how many hours of subsidised care families can access, up to a maximum of 100 per fortnight, and
  • The type of child care service will determine the hourly rate cap.

More information about individual subsidy rates and annual cap changes is available in the New Child Care Package brochure.

Some basic requirements must be satisfied for an individual to be eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy for a child. These include:

  • the age of the child (must be 13 or under and not attending secondary school)
  • the child meeting immunisation requirements
  • the individual, or their partner, meeting the residency requirements.


Absence from the Centre:

Full fee is charged for ALL public holidays that are normal booked days.
Normal fees are applicable for any booked days that your child does not attend (including non- attendance due to illness, holiday, etc) Childcare benefit is applicable for up to 42 absences per financial year (including Public Holidays). Once your child has reached 42 absences you will not be eligible for CCB for any additional days absent and will incur the cost of full fees for these absent days unless you provide approved documentation (i.e. Doctors certificate, court orders detailing custody arrangements, etc)

Holiday Discounts:

Families taking annual leave will be entitled to a holiday discount, provided two weeks’ notice in writing is given of intended dates of absence. Holidays are offered at a discount of up to 35% off the gap fee for up to 4 weeks of normal booked days each financial year. This discount will only be applied to parent accounts that are up to date as per the fee policy and where appropriate notice has been given and are using our Ezi-debit payment method only.

Termination of Care:

Two weeks’ notice in writing is required to cancel your booking. Please note that should your child not attend the centre during the notice period you will not be eligible for CCB and will incur the total cost of full fees for this year. Waiting list procedures will apply to reinstate bookings.

Overdue fees:

Should an account fall into arrears, parents will be given one week from the date the account is received to pay the fees in arrears. If the full amount is not paid before on the date given, the Centre Director will refer the matter to management who reserve the right to suspend or forfeit your child’s position at the centre. Debt Collection Agency will be utilised for delinquent payments.

Extra- Curriculum:

Kids Moves- “Where fitness is fun!”
Set within a framework of storytelling, exploration, Playful adventure and fun. 30 Minute programmes encourage creative movement, expression, and great confidence. Children learn with an interactive approach to fitness.

Future Champs- “The future champs mission is to change the health of the nation!”
Developed with the most comprehensive and fun early child health and physical education programme. Throughout the year Children will participate in 8, six-week blocks of the programme. During each block, children will be improving their fundamental physical skills and learning valuable healthy habits.


Monday and Wednesday, Swimming lessons are offered through C-ME swim school at parents cost. Swimming lessons is 45minute program in the pool with 2 different instructors. Children are divided into two groups and are evaluated on their abilities in the water. One group in a beginners group and the other is advanced.
A bus is provided by C-Me Swim that collect and drop off the children to and from swimming, along with one of our Educators.

Nutritious Meals:

At Pelicans in the City-Centre One we carter all age groups. Our Centre provide all meals which include Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Late afternoon Snack, and purees for children within the babies room. We cater for all special requirements and dietary requirements for each child. All our meals are prepared here at our Centre by our Qualified Centre Cook with 6 years’ experience. Our menu is a monthly menu that rotates, and reviewed at the end of each month. We encourage families to provide feedback on menus to support continuous improvement.


Our service provides a list of consumables such as nappies, wipes, sunscreen and mosquito repellent for every child. 

Flexible Hours

Our centre is offering Flexible Hours to support families to make the most out of the government’s Child Care Subsidy. Consisting of nine-hour, ten-hour, and full day options, the new Flexible Hours model will give families the freedom to choose which hours best suit their individual circumstances. Families will not be limited by start and finish times like other models from competitors, and there will be no associated fees or conditions around the minimum amount of flexible hours days they are able to access. To learn more watch our Flexible Hours video by clicking the video button above.

National Quality Standard Rating: Meeting National Quality Standard.

Long Day Care

Purple indicates that this service has a vacancy.

6 wks to 15 mths S M T W T F S
15 mths to 2 yrs S M T W T F S
2 yrs to 30 mths S M T W T F S
30 mths to 3 yrs S M T W T F S
3 yrs to 4 yrs S M T W T F S
4 yrs to 6 yrs S M T W T F S
6 wks to 15 mths S M T W T F S
15 mths to 2 yrs S M T W T F S
2 yrs to 30 mths S M T W T F S
30 mths to 3 yrs S M T W T F S
3 yrs to 4 yrs S M T W T F S
4 yrs to 6 yrs S M T W T F S

Purple indicates that this service has a vacancy.

6 wks to 15 mths S M T W T F S
15 mths to 2 yrs S M T W T F S
2 yrs to 30 mths S M T W T F S
30 mths to 3 yrs S M T W T F S
3 yrs to 4 yrs S M T W T F S
4 yrs to 6 yrs S M T W T F S
6 wks to 15 mths S M T W T F S
15 mths to 2 yrs S M T W T F S
2 yrs to 30 mths S M T W T F S
30 mths to 3 yrs S M T W T F S
3 yrs to 4 yrs S M T W T F S
4 yrs to 6 yrs S M T W T F S
    • Long Day Care
    • $120 /day
    • for ages 6wks to 2yrs
    • Long Day Care
    • $118 /day
    • for ages 2yrs to 3yrs
    • Long Day Care
    • $116 /day
    • for ages 2yrs to 5yrs

Use our Child Care Subsidy Calculator to learn how much government support your family may be eligible for.

 Estimate Your Childcare Subsidy

National Quality Standard Rating

Overall Rating - Meeting National Quality Standard (More)
Quality Area Rating
Educational Program and Practice Meeting National Quality Standard
Children's Health and Safety Meeting National Quality Standard
Physical environment Meeting National Quality Standard
Staffing Arrangements Meeting National Quality Standard
Relationships with children Meeting National Quality Standard
Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Meeting National Quality Standard
Governance and leadership Meeting National Quality Standard

NQS Rating last updated: 28-Jul-2021

Parent Ratings

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  • Communication with Parents
  • Environment & Facilities
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition
  • Health & Safety
  • Learning & Developmental Programs
  • Management Staff & Supervision
  • Value for Money
  • Warmth & Empathy towards children

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My 3 children have attended Pelicans Early Education - In the City (Cairns). I love the natural learning environment and am extremely excited about all of the changes taking place since the centres have come under new management. The things that I love the most would have to be,1. healthy meals are provided; 2. $$$ being spent on all new resources; 3. Outdoor areas getting completely renovated; 4. The new KindyHub app for parents which allows you to see what is/has happened in your child's day! We are very happy there :-)
My son receives high quality care each day that he attends at Pelicans in the City. He has made so many friends and loves seeing the wonderful staff on a regular basis!