Clovel Childcare & Early Learning Centre - Granville Merrylands

Clovel Childcare & Early Learning Centre - Granville Merrylands
39 Augustus St (Formally Wright St), Granville, NSW, 2142
5.0 Average score
Licensed for 40 Children

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  • Experience. Clovel has been operating in Merrylands/Granville for decades.
  • Purpose built centre is a child made environment.
  • Children are engulfed in the program and their strong relationships with our educators.
Welcome to Clovel Childcare & Early Learning Centre - Granville Merrylands

Welcome to Clovel!

Where we will work in partnership with you to prepare your child for Success. The latest brain research says start at birth so don't wait any longer.

Give your child the best start possible at a Clovel Childcare & Early Learning Centre. Located at South Penrith, Blacktown, Castle Hill, Granville, Liverpool, Merrylands, Ryde and Greystanes.

At Clovel vital school and life readiness programs start at 6 weeks of age and enhance your child's personality and empower your child to reach full potential while all the time having fun. Clovel's early learning curriculum is a play-based model designed on what each child is good at, loves to do and is interested in. It is provided in a loving, caring, warm, homely and fun filled environment and incorporates the following:

  • Literacy program
  • Reading program
  • Writing program
  • Numeracy program
  • Science
  • Computers
  • Performing arts curriculum with professional dance and singing teacher, drama and public speaking
  • History – Multi cultural program
  • School readiness/transition program
  • Individual and small group learning centres
  • A written report will be issued for school entry


Clovel centres are unique and special places where children and their families can play and learn in warm, safe, secure and friendly surroundings.

Our highly successful early learning program is based on the emergent curriculum model incorporating each individual child's interests, what each child is good at and what each child loves to do. Our belief is that if individual children are doing something they love to do they will get better and better at it and their confidence and self esteem will soar thus encouraging them to aspire to greater heights – to fly with eagles rather than scratch with chickens – the world will be their oyster!

We begin by always remembering the incalculable value for a child to have their brain wired in the early years.

The message then is 'do not let your child miss out – begin now'.

Our early learning program is designed to ensure each child is recognised as an amazingly important individual. It is based on the principle that the whole child must be developed if they is to become a well adjusted member of our society. Thus we provide the environment and experiences which will enable your child to grow and develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, culturally and socially.

Clovel's balance of structured and non structured play, explorative learning, personal choice and group participation, encourage children to develop as whole and complete individuals.


At Clovel we believe our staff members are the backbone to the caring, nurturing, developing and educating of your child – it is they who hold your child's future in their hands - for from six weeks to six years is the period when the foundation of your child's learning is created - when your child's future is determined. Research shows that by the time your child has turned 6 the academic level achieved and the career income stream attained in later life has already been determined.

Clovel staff are individually selected for their kind, caring attitude and warm friendly personality for each position at Clovel from a range of qualified and experienced candidates to ensure the achievement of our aim – that our 'Clovel' children will experience the sense of love and security we believe is imperative to allow them to grow and learn to the best of their ability in their formative years.

All staff at Clovel are either fully qualified with either Early Childhood Degree, Diploma in Children's Services, Certificate lll or currently studying vocationally by correspondence while working in a full time capacity and being supervised by a qualified staff member.

At Clovel we pride ourselves on the length of service our staff members experience with us. Clovel success rests in part on our dedication to "growing our own staff." We have long term staff members who started with Clovel as trainees, have completed their tertiary studies and now are leaders holding Nominated Supervisors positions in charge of Clovel centres. Our longest serving staff member has been with us for over 25 years.

Government Funding for Parents and Payment Structure

At Clovel our main priority is to ensure that as many young children as possible have access to our unique high quality early learning program, Thus we always try to set our fees so that the viability of the centres are ensured while affordability for families is still achievable.

Clovel is registered for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) which is a funding scheme provided by the Australian Government for families who attend accredited childcare services. This system is administered by the centre on behalf of the Australian Government and ensures the families only need to pay a gap fee. 

Features + Inclusions

  • Breakfast, Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea and Late Afternoon Tea provided
  • Nappies supplied
  • Sun Safe aware and Sun hat provided
  • Allergy Aware
  • Preschool and School Readiness Program
  • Child Development Progress Documentation and Reports
  • Daily activity App
  • Multicultural program, incl language
  • Arts program, incl drama and music
  • PE and sports program
  • Baby brain linkages and development program

For more information on how the funding works for you or to get an estimate for your child care fees please contact Kristy on (02) 9649 5544 or 0425 224 518.

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Clovel Childcare & Early Learning Centre - Granville Merrylands Service features

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Clovel Childcare & Early Learning Centre - Granville Merrylands service include:

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What the parents say

What the parents say

My daughter has been attending Clovel for the past 4 years & we could not be happier. The staff are considered an extended part of our family. I have been so impressed with all the new skills my daughter has learned over the years and I cannot thank the staff enough for all their hard work, kindness, understanding and love they have shown my daughter & I. I highly recommend Clovel.

Suzanne - Sia's mum

I must say that Clovel is the best childcare & preschool in the area and I am forever grateful for all the service, hard work they have put into teaching my son. After trying out five different childcare’s, Dean was happiest at Clovel & not a day would he come home crying or upset, he was fully of new ideas and new stories that he shared with the rest of our family & even taught us some cool experiences that he had at the centre. Dean also never had a keen interest in reading and writing but now he loves to colour in & try hard to write. I strongly recommend Clovel as their staff are all so very friendly & make you feel very welcomed, staying in touch, assisting you whenever you are in need of them.

Jelan - Dean's mum

This will be my daughters second year attending Clovel and she absolutely loves it and can’t wait for the next time she gets to attend. She has grown and learnt so much with their amazing program for learning and skills not to mention the lovely and helpful workers. I would highly recommend all Clovel programs and would give it 5 stars.

Melissa - Rayanne's mum

My daughter started attending the baby program at Clovel from 5 months old and now for her second year in The Cottage she has amazed me with how well she adapted from the start and how much she has grown and achieved. She has become a very smart and confident toddler and all thanks to Clovel and the workers for being so supportive and making her feel comfortable. It really is like a second home. Highly recommend 5 stars.

Melissa - Liyana's mum

We are very happy with the care from Clovel, our son has opened up with everyone and enjoys his time there, he comes home and starts cheering and repeating the activities that he learned at childcare. The educators are very friendly and Nirvaan love them, when we drop him to childcare he runs towards them. We as parents feel very good that NIrvaan is under safe and happy care. Well done team.

Nirvaan's mum

Absolutely love Clovel! Experienced staff who have created a loving and caring environment. Sienna is engaged in learning through a variety of activities provided. Staff are exceptional in communicating with parents. 10/10.

Sienna's mum                                                           

I really appreciate your hard work and kind support towards family and kids. The way you deal with kids, your skills especially in communication is very impressive. I feel very lucky to be a part of the Clovel family, as my kids are growing to be smart and talkative and active around the house as well as being polite. All the credit goes to the fantastic staff and the incredible educators. My kids feel at home whenever they come to childcare and honestly I feel jealous. I would like to appreciate all your hard work and great effort in taking of my kids.

Suria - Aryana's & Sophia's mum

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Clovel Childcare & Early Learning Centre - Granville Merrylands
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39 Augustus St (Formally Wright St)
Granville, NSW, 2142
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My son started there in June this year the staff member at clovel are amazing our son loves going to clovel everyday we... Read more

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