Kiddie Academy Alexandria

Unit 3B, Level 1, 61 - 67 O'Riordan Street - Alexandria NSW 2015


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My daughter has been attending this daycare since 4 months old. The centre provided safe, nurturing environment for her from day 1 and i have been able to put my full trust to the staff on my daughters well being. My little girl is now 2.5 years old and i am amazed on the fact that she comes home with all this new ideas, colors, words, song (she even began to count until 10 fluently a few months ago) everyday. Words cannot express the gratitude i have for each and every educator that has been a part of my family for 2 years, since then my little girl has grown into an amazing, intelligent little girl.
This is an excellent daycare facility which offers the children care and attention in seperated age appropriate rooms. The children recieve individual attention by staff that enjoy what they do. My child has been through each of the rooms starting at 9months and progressing as they grew older. Each room has been lead by a dedicated facilitator who works with their room's staff to provide loving environment filled with fun and activity. Come play time, the children are spoilt with an indoor and outdoor area, which is rare right in the Inner City. This allows the children to experience growing plants and vegetables, play on the activity set (including slippery dip) or get ceative in the sandpit. The arts and crafts exercises are carefully thought out by the room leaders to allow for imagination and development of skills. Above all else, the children go to daycare happy and come home having had a fun day learning and playing in a loving environment, generated by industry leading staff. I strongly recommend you see Kiddie Academy Alexandria for peace of mind and an easy transition into a family of happy chilren (and parents of course!).
I checked almost 10 Child Care before choose Kiddie Academy, in there I found the perfect place to leave my son. I trust them! They are flexible with dates, They have everything new specially toys, cot, high chair, a big place outside, security, They send to me a newsletter with beautiful photos about my son and his friends ... telling me what They are reading, eating , singing, doing. It's not just play all day, my son come home doing new things, things that he learned at school. The girls are so incredible, we can feel They love take care of kids and my son felt it too, the he give hugs and kisses in his teacher and feel I'm a little jealous haha. They are worried about how the kids are growing and Developing and I feel very confident and secure to leave my son there until the pre school. The place is so clean and shine, day by day we found a different menu the very balanced to each class. I'm very proud to myself to choose right and I not hesitate in recommendate the Kiddie to everyone who love your child.
My daughter has been attending this childcare centre from the day it opened. She started as a 1 year old in the Red Room and after 3 years, she is now one of the "big" children in the Blue Room. I have kept my daughter at this centre as the staff are simply wonderful and warm. We had tried to split a couple of days at other centres before that were closer to my workplace, including private and government-run ones, and I've always found the staff manner to be a bit formal and distant there. At Kiddie Academy, I feel and see that staff are friendly, compassionate, interested in the children's growth and education and are genuinely warm to the children; often giving them cuddles. This quality of care gives me peace of mind when I can't be there to look after my child and is a key reason why I have kept my daughter at this childcare centre. Also (unlike some government-run centres that won't circulate photos) like most parents who attend Kiddie Academy, I love being emailed the daily journal. My daughter's eyes light up when I show her this on the iPad or phone. She points to the photos, giggles and tells me about her friends and what happened that day. Mia (who has been a staff member since the centre opened) and Charity do a terrific job managing this childcare. They are always friendly and open to hearing any feedback and are proactive in trying to make the centre continually better. I highly recommend Kiddie Academy childcare. I don't live or work near Alexandria and I still bring my daughter here.
On first impression, I was amazed by the quality of the service and it's educators. The Preschool readiness program runs everyday from the age of 3 years (9am-3pm) and is going to add such value to my son's education and skills to prepare him for school. The centre has yummy nutritious meals that have been cooked by their wonderful chef and my child eats every meal, and even goes back for seconds. My child has also requested that I make these meals at home and the centre director (Charity) who is lovely doesn't hesitate to give copies of the recipes. All the staff are friendly and communicate about my child's day each afternoon, and they have a daily journal for each room as a daily diary reflection that gets emailed to the parents, this gives me much comfort in knowing that the centre is providing quality care and education to my child each day. This centre is by far the BEST in the area. If you are interested in a position I know they conduct tours every day - call them now!
I was looking for a new child care centre as I was terribly unhappy with current one I had my son in. I went on lots of viewings of other centres and my son would cry as he was miserable in the one he was in and felt this was going to be so hard to find somewhere he would be happy. We had no other option as our family lives overseas and we had no help here. I happen to be talking to a lady at the park and she said her daughter goes to Kiddie Academy and has a similar experience to me. I called and booked a viewing with much hope. I have to say from the moment we stepped foot inside the centre my son was actually calm and didn't cry. I was waiting for him to get upset but he didn't. Charity took us through the centre and made sure my son was occupied and made a fuss of him straight away. As soon as we went outside the children were out there and came straight over to us and my son was introduced to the children which was so sweet. He went on the jumping castle and had so much fun. I enrolled him right then and there and he actually didn't want to leave when we were going. I am so glad I found Kiddie Academy as my son loves going there everyday and is always talking about it when he is not there. The staff are so caring and lovely and the centre is just fabulous. I would recommend anyone and everyone to Kiddie Academy is you want the best for you child - thank you so much KA