Eden Academy Pacific Pines

Eden Academy Pacific Pines
2 Chatham Ave, Pacific Pines, QLD, 4211
Licensed for 112 Children

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Welcome to Eden Academy Pacific Pines - where every day is an opportunity for laughter, curiosity, and growth for your little ones! More than just a childcare center, we are dedicated to cultivating an environment that sparks joy and fosters a sense of wonder. 

Eden Academy Pacific Pines has now opened its doors, bringing a world of nurturing and safe childcare to Pacific Pines. Our passionate team of childcare educators is committed to transforming each day into an exciting adventure of discovery.

Enquire now to be a part of our vibrant community and secure a spot on our waitlist. At Eden Academy Pacific Pines, we're not just shaping young minds; we're building a foundation for a lifetime of learning and joy. Join us on this incredible journey!

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Curriculum might sound like a big word for little people. But here at Eden, we like to frame our days with purpose and objectives. Sometimes those objectives are a bit elusive, like ‘time on the grass’ or ‘experimenting with sounds’. Other times they’re clearer, like Yoga, dance, painting and pen skills.

Either way, our curriculum ensures that the children we care for are being guided by activities that will encourage age-appropriate development, under the guise of freedom and play.

Going above and beyond the standards of the National Quality Framework, Eden Academy places a large focus on children belonging, being and becoming.

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Eden Academy Pacific Pines
Pacific Pines
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2 Chatham Ave
Pacific Pines, QLD, 4211
National Quality Standard Rating
Overall Provisional
Educational Program and Practice Provisional
Children's Health and Safety Provisional
Physical environment Provisional
Staffing Arrangements Provisional
Relationships with children Provisional
Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Provisional
Governance and leadership Provisional

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