Mini Masterminds Erskineville

Mini Masterminds Erskineville
Park Sydney Village 149 Mitchell Road, Erskineville, NSW, 2043
3.0 Average score
Opening Hours: 7:00am to 6:00pm | Monday to Friday
Licensed for 83 Children

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Welcome to Mini Masterminds Erskineville

Welcome to Mini Masterminds Erksineville!

At Mini Masterminds, we are committed to providing each child with an unprecedented level of individual care, quality education and genuine love, all of which are guided by our core values.

Our service extends well beyond just providing a safe and caring environment for our children. We believe that innovation drives development in our little ones. By exposing our children to a variety of different experiences and activities, we help them take pride in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. This commitment to quality helps us ensure each child's best start to life.

Our collaborative approach encourages diversity and inclusion, ensuring every child feels accepted and develops the ability to think, imagine and play freely as they start their life's journey. Most importantly, our commitment to integrity to our children and parents is ensured in our promise to apply high ethical standards every day through the use of National Regulations and Laws.

To ensure our children grow in the best possible environment, we’ve carefully designed and built a modern early learning centre with facilities that cater to their every need and interest. Our centre features multiple rooms created with a child’s developmental milestones in mind, to ensure our children feel safe and secure at each stage of their development. On top of this, we have two fun and exciting playrooms to encourage our children to explore, experience and learn on their own. We utilise both of these playrooms in our intensive prep school program to ensure our children are equipped with the skills they’ll need in kindergarten. It is with these premium and purpose-built facilities that we can assure every Mini Masterminds child is equipped with the tools they need for a bright future.


  • Mini Champions - Promotes muscle strength and coordination

Physical development is just as important as mental stimulation! Mini Champions class is a mixed sports program that is specially designed to promote the development of both large and small muscles groups, all while learning important social skills including co-operation and teamwork.

  • Language - Boosts cross-cultural understanding

At Mini Masterminds Early Learning Centres, we do our best to expand our children’s horizons by exposing them to different cultures. Because of this, we offer on-site Mandarin lessons! On top of simply learning about other cultures, language lessons has also been proven to help children become better at solving complex problems and understanding different forms of communication!

  • Mini Swim Stars - Promotes flexibility and co-ordination

At Mini Masterminds Early Learning Centres, we understand the importance of learning how to swim. Apart from being an essential life skill, swimming has been linked to a multitude of physical and psychological benefits including strengthening their muscles and joints, building lung capacity and improving their co-ordination.

  • Mini Chefs - Engages and develops their curiosity

At Mini Masterminds, we’ve incorporated a stimulating cooking class that encourages our children to experiment in the kitchen while learning about basic cooking techniques and making smart food choices. In addition to this, our early learning centre has hands-on cooking lessons to in-still kitchen safety, food preparation and proper food handling practices in our children.

  • Yoga Classes - Teaches positivity and self-acceptance

Our centre is open Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 6:00pm and is conveniently within Park Sydney Village, walking distance of Erksineville station. We feature ample under-cover parking.

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Mini Masterminds Erskineville Service features

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Mini Masterminds Erskineville service include:

Event - FAMILY FUN DAY - All preschool and toddler families welcome. Lots of fun entertainment

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Mini Masterminds Erskineville sees innovation as a driver for development in children. The extra-curricular activities encourage diversity and inclusion, ensuring every child feels accepted and develops the ability to think, imagine and play freely.

Swim School

Children 3 and up can learn to swim in a safe and nurturing environment, where they’ll also be building muscle, coordination and motor skills. *Free transport and chaperone service to and from swim school. Swim school fees are additional and payable by parents to the swim school itself. 

Sports program

For the children aged 2 and up, the centre offers the ‘Mini Champions’ sports program. This encourages children to gain fitness regardless of their athletic ability, and helps build self-esteem and confidence.

Language program

Children are taught languages by qualified and experienced language teachers, further developing, and strengthening their cognitive function and problem-solving skills.

Yoga program

Each week the children aged 2 and up will take part in 'Mini Yoga Club' at the centre. This practice is associated with learning, memory and regulating emotions.

Cooking program

Children can take part in the ‘Mini Chefs’ cooking class, a fun hands-on class that encourages children to experiment in the kitchen while learning about basic cooking techniques and making smart food choices. These classes will teach kitchen safety, food preparation and proper food handling practices. Mini Masterminds knows that children benefit by learning teamwork and early maths and science concepts when participating in cooking activities.

Regular excursions

The children can extend their learning outside of the centre by taking part in excursions. Some examples include the Easter Show and visiting local parks for a picnic day.

In-house incursions

Special visitors to the centre can share a wealth of knowledge with the children, as they can learn, discover and explore new and exciting things. Some incursions include native wildlife and reptile visits, petting zoos, dentist and optometrist visits and cultural exploration with visits from Indigenous artists.

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Mini Masterminds Erskineville
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Park Sydney Village 149 Mitchell Road
Erskineville, NSW, 2043
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Emma Micklewright
Mar, 2024

We will sadly miss this place, our daughter has loved her time here, made lots of friends, loved the staff and the facilities. They are... Read more

Katie Rowley image
Katie Rowley
Mar, 2024

Terrible child care!!! I regret sending my baby here for whatever short time she attended. Zero staff rentention and very unprofessional, no one would email... Read more

Rayghana Davids image
Rayghana Davids
Jul, 2023