St Helens Park World of Learning

109 Kellerman Drive - St Helens Park NSW 2560

1800 413 995

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My son has been attending World of Learning St Helens park since he was 6 months old. The whole team are super nurturing and passionate Educators. I can return to work full time knowing my son is going to be loved and educated. We travel from St Andrews twice a day and it is totally worth it. Rachel, Cathy and the team are beyond amazing!!!
As a parent of 2 young children I would not send my children any where else. The staff are professional and have a deep knowledge and understanding of the early years framework and so our children are building strong foundations in learning. At the same time they are so caring, approachable and considerate when it comes to caring not only for our children but with us too!
I have used Little Einsteins for 10yrs. These Ladies are simply amazing. My 4 children enjoyed every day here and Love their teachers like family! Highly recommended.
My son has been at this service for the past 3 years. We initially came here as my niece also attended. During this time, I have found that all the team members have been caring and loving, whilst still instilling rules, education and discipline on my son. He comes home and always tells me he's had a great day. He tells me all about it, and he knows his teachers well, which I find extremely important. He has been given primary school preparation work and I find this fantastic as it gives him insight as to what will be expected when he transitions over. The menu's for their lunches are varied and appropriate. I always see the fresh food truck at the centre so I know that they are being fed well. I cannot say enough about the care and attention, and the fostering of good manners and friendships that this centre has given my son. Thank you
My daughter attended Little Einsteins St Helens Park 6 years ago during that time she excelled in everything and it was due to the hardworking teachers at the school..This year my son who is 3 started at the same school he has changed in some many good ways due to the interaction of other children and hard working teachers who dont get the credit they deserve. I live in EagleVale with plenty of child care facilities in the area but i choose to drive to St Helens Park as it has the best facility for my child and a hard working team who deserve this recognition.
After visiting many child care centres, Little Einstein's at St. Helens Park just had the right feel about it. My son has been going there now 1 day a week for about 6 months and I am extremely happy with the centre. The teachers are great in helping him to settle, the range of topics that they learn about each week is extensive, great variety of meals served and my favourite is the emails that are sent to families each day showing what the children have done that day. It really shows how closely the teachers actually interact with the children. Great keepsake. I would highly recommend this centre.