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Learning happens from the beginning of life. This is encouraged through joyous interactions with those around us. Your child's happiness and development are our priorities. 

At Forever Green Montessori we take great pleasure in providing  a boutique, family run centre offering exceptional education and care to children 'Under 3.’’Each day children are cared for by outstanding educators in our warm, welcoming Montessori environment which is specifically designed for children of this age. 

Montessori is known to provide an education which teaches children life skills and independence while offering enriched movement, language and mathematical concepts. At Forever Green Montessori our program addresses all aspects of their being, including the heart, mind and body.  Our focus is on building a trusting and caring relationship with your child and entering into a partnership with you. 

At Forever Green Montessori we develop close relationships with each child in our care as they explore the world around them. We understand the importance of forming these attachments in infants and very young children for the development of trust, resilience, self regulation, confidence and independence.

We guide each child in discovery. Each child is unique and has a different learning style and pace. Our inclusive indoor and outdoor learning environments are filled with opportunities to explore using natural materials for play. We involve children in sustainable practices which are embedded in their daily learning and acknowledge that they are caretakers of this earth.

Our light, bright and natural learning environments are designed to maximise your child's curiosity, develop and strengthen fine and gross motor skills and encourage a healthy sense of self. Our educators have undertaken specialised training in the under 3’s age group. We are delighted to offer inspirational learning opportunities in fun-filled and engaging educational environment. 


We look forward to showing you our centre. Please call Courtney on 02 8094 9783


Forever Green Montessori is a 0-3 years Montessori taking babies from 6 weeks of age.

  • Opening hours are 8am - 5:30 on weekdays 50 weeks a year
  • We are closed on weekends, public holidays and for 2 weeks over the  Christmas and New Year period.
  •  Lunch, morning and afternoon tea and a late snack are provided each day. Fresh fruit and water is available all day. 
  • Art workshops for children facilitated by experts.
  • We have a lovely outdoor space which has been specifically designed with input from families to encourage curiosity, activity and exploration for very young children. 
  • We embed sustainable actions in our centre routines with reuse, recycling and upcycling. bay. Cloth nappies are provided for children while on the premises.
  • Toilet training provided
  • Parent information evenings are provided 4 times a year and an orientation evening is available prior to the New Year
  • Workshops on Safe Sleeping, Toilet training, language development and Discipline are provided by a Child development specialist. Others workshops on request.on request

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6 wks to 18 mths S M T W T F S
18 mths to 3 yrs S M T W T F S
6 wks to 18 mths S M T W T F S
18 mths to 3 yrs S M T W T F S
    • Long Day Care
    • $145 /day
    • for ages 6wks to 2yrs
    • Long Day Care
    • $140 /day
    • for ages 2yrs to 3yrs


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Our 3yo has attended Forever Green since he was six months old. We are thrilled with the care he receives there - the staff are warm and loving and foster a home-like environment for the kids. It has been wonderful to see our child's independence bloom with support from the educators and we have learnt a lot of tips ourselves about how to foster his independence and learning from the information sessions and general discussion with the educators. The Montessori approach has worked really well for our family and we are enrolling our younger child when he is six months. Most importantly, our child loves attending and he is always happy to go and when we pick him up. Samuel Boyers