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May 12, 2021
Welcome, this week how our new and improved Vacancy Alert makes it even easier to find the child care you need, how this year's Budget will impact families that use child care. Also, the chief toy-maker at Milton Ashby, Shannon Ley, explains why wooden toys always stand the test of time.
Child Care Vacancy Alert - Now with real time text alerts free
Quality child care is in high demand, and if you're finding that all the good places are taken and waiting lists are long, we're pleased to report that help is at hand.

Vacancy Alert ensures you'll be the first to hear when spaces open up by sending you a real time text message, or email, when services in your preferred locations update their vacancy information.

Let's see how this powerful tool alerts you to child care vacancies, when and where you need them.
Child care gets a Budget boost
Child care affordability is an issue close to all our hearts (and wallets), and although we know the value of quality early childhood education and care for little ones, the actual cost can soon add up.

The more care you need, and the more children you have, the greater your fees will be, and although the government often helps with child care costs, many Australian families are spending a sizeable part of their income on child care, or else curbing their work to care for kids themselves.

In recognition of this, the government has boosted its child care investment by $1.7 billion in last night’s Budget to reduce out of pocket fees for some families – and increase workforce participation.

It's also spending $1.6 billion to guarantee Commonwealth funding for preschool for four years. A new funding agreement will be negotiated with the States and Territories to support access to at least 15 hours of a quality preschool program each week for a child in the year before school.

Read more to see if, and how, your family will benefit.
Wooden toys to treasure
A wooden toy is a wonderful way to carve out new play experiences and build skills in young children.

Wooden rattles encourage sensory play, wooden blocks develop hand-eye coordination, and wooden planes, trains and automobiles open up a world of imagination.

In Australia, Milton Ashby. creates a range of stylish timber toys, and to see how they combine form, function and fun in each design, we spoke with the workshop's founder and chief toy-maker, Shannon Ley.
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