Child Care Vacancy Alert - Now with real time text alerts

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  Published on Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Child Care Vacancy Alert - Now with real time text alerts

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  Published on Wednesday, 12 May 2021
Sick of searching for child care? Then stop! Sign up for Vacancy Alert It's quick, easy and free

Quality child care is in high demand, and if you’re finding that all the good places are taken and waiting lists are long, we’re pleased to report that help is at hand

Vacancy Alert ensures you'll be the first to hear when spaces open up by sending you a real time text message, or email, when services in your preferred locations update their vacancy information. 

Let’s see how this powerful tool alerts you to child care vacancies, when and where you need them.

How does Vacancy Alert work?

To get started with Vacancy Alert, all you need to do is register here, and tell us your child care requirements, including:

  • The age of your child/ren,
  • Where you need care,
  • What type of care you require,
  • What days you need care,
  • When you need care to start, e.g. as soon as possible or on a set date and
  • How services can contact you.

Next, choose your Vacancy Alert level (Basic or Pro which we explain below), then leave the rest to us!

We’ll share your Vacancy Alert with service providers in your area, and when a place opens up, services will get in touch with you.

With our new and improved Vacancy Alert service, you’ll be sent personal text alerts and emails whenever vacancies matching your requirements are posted.  Then, once you see a suitable opening, it’s a simple matter of contacting the service to arrange a tour and secure your child’s place.

At we’ve helped thousands of families find their ideal child care with less stress and more success!

What does Vacancy Alert Pro offer?

Vacancy Alert yields quick results, but if time is of the essence or you’re wanting detailed information, our paid service works wonders.

With a Vacancy Alert Pro subscription, services contact you when a vacancy arises and send email and text alerts about vacancies that match your requirements (as with Vacancy Alert Basic), but you’ll also enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Vacancies in your area are phone-verified by for quality assurance,
  • We’ll send you a customised report of local services with current vacancies that meet your exact needs (including information about their location, services, cost and contact details),
  • You can track your progress with tailored monthly progress reports, and
  • We’ll provide information about alternative care options you might not have considered, plus exclusive access to a range of articles and resources to help you find the child care you want.

Vacancy Alert Pro alerts you when services update their information, ensuring that you’re first in line when a place becomes available, and the subscription service comes with a satisfaction guarantee: If you’re not pleased with the result, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

What’s next for the Vacancy Alert system? is committed to helping you find the best child care fit for your family.

We’ve improved the Vacancy Alert system to give you a more personalised user experience, and in the not-too-distant future, we’ll be putting more power in your hands by displaying the services that match your needs and allowing you the option to contact individual services or be contacted by all.

Stay tuned for these updates, and in the meantime, we encourage you to sign up for the Vacancy Alert service, because together, we can find a child care place that ticks all the boxes for your family.

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