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October 21, 2020
Welcome, this week why it is important and helpful to have a back up plan for child care in case your usual arrangements fall through. Also, is your child meeting the national benchmarks for swimming and water safety?
How to plan child care in times of uncertainty
Even the best laid plans can come unstuck, and when it comes to child care, it's important that your family makes contingency plans to deal with unexpected events, like a sick child, a last-minute work trip or a grandparent who can't provide their normal child care.

Then, there's COVID-19. The pandemic continues to add complexity to child care planning, and you might be uncertain about things like how much your family will be earning going forward, how long your work-from-home arrangement will continue, or whether a local outbreak will impact your usual child care choice.
What swimming skills should school-aged children have?
Water play is wonderful for little ones, and as your child grows from baby to big kid, it’s essential that they learn the swimming and water safety skills that will help them have fun, keep fit and stay safe in aquatic situations.

Many parents enrol their under-fives in swimming classes – which is great to see – but Royal Life Saving data shows that 75 per cent of children stop swimming lessons before the age of nine, and 40 per cent of 12-year-olds are not achieving national benchmarks for swimming and water safety.
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