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July 15, 2020
Welcome, this week we take a close look at preschools and new research to suggests that the terrible tantrums may not be an inevitable rite of passage for the parents of two-year olds.
The ins and outs of preschool
Preschool is a place for young children to gain knowledge, learn skills, make friends and prepare for the big transition to school. Here we look at the different programs, costs and attendance rates found in preschools around the country.
News flash! It is possible to prevent the 'terrible twos'
Any parent who's tried to manage a toddler meltdown will be interested to hear about new research which suggests that the 'terrible twos' are not inevitable.

A study of young children from England, America and the Netherlands indicates that happy babies can become happy toddlers, with the help of flexible parenting, so let’s see what this means in practice and how the 'terrible twos' may be prevented.
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