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May 15, 2019
Welcome, this week we take a sneak peek at life as an au pair and talk to two au pairs with international experience, also why healthy lunch boxes are so important.
What is it like to be an au pair?
Host families have much to gain by inviting an au pair into their home. It be cost-effective and culturally-enriching, with children benefitting from a care-giver who is more of an older sibling than a babysitter.

However, it's not just host families that reap the rewards. Once they’re settled into their home away from home, au pairs have the opportunity to embrace new experiences, explore a different country, bond with locals and earn some pocket money along the way.

To gain a feel for the au pair experience, we spoke with Katrin Krzoska and Jess Demain - two au pairs who found their host families through AuPairworld.
How to assemble
a healthy lunch box
Good food is essential for the healthy growth and development of young children. Toddlers and preschoolers can be a picky bunch so it's important to get nutritious meals into them.

To freshen up your child's diet and focus on the right foods, here is some guidance around healthy eating and what a well-balanced lunch box looks like.
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