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June 26, 2019
Welcome, school holidays come around so quickly and with the winter break looming we have five strategies to support working parents. Also, learn about the million-word gap between children who are read to regularly and those who aren't.
5 vacation care strategies for working parents
It's hard to believe, but the July school holidays aren't too far away. While children are counting down the days, parents are wondering how to fill up all that leisure time.

Working parents get far less leave than school children, but with some forward-planning and a flexible approach, holidays don't need to be a hassle.

Here are five ways to keep your child entertained over the break.
Reading, vocabulary,
and the 'million-word gap'
When you read a book to your baby, toddler, or preschooler, you are doing more than just telling a story. You are also supporting their brain development, encouraging their imagination, teaching them about language and emotions, expanding their vocabulary, and sharing not just a story, but also a bonding experience.

A new study by The Ohio State University has found a 'million-word gap' between the young children who are read to at home, and those who aren't.

To see what effect this has by the time they reach kindergarten, let's explore the study in more detail.
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