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July 24, 2019
Welcome, this week the fascinating and fabulous Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood learning and how it unlocks potential. Also, tips and tricks for supporting your child’s friendships and preparing for the perfect playdate.
What the Reggio Emilia
approach can offer your child
If you're not familiar with Reggio Emilia you may think this is the name of a person. In fact, Reggio Emilia is a small city in northern Italy, and it was here that a local primary school teacher called Loris Malaguzzi and some parents took the lead in creating a new kind of learning approach after World War II.

The 'educational project of Reggio Emilia' saw an overhaul of the early learning system in that area and the eventual rise of innovative, municipally-funded, community-managed schools for infants and toddlers, and preschoolers.

This was not simply a local idea, however. From those post-war years to present day, the Reggio Emilia approach has influenced early education around the world, so let's look at what this thinking means for young learners.
How to support your child's friendships in the early years
Friendships are important at all ages. At a personal level, friends share fun experiences, offer different perspectives, and support one another in challenging times. While at a global level, the United Nations says that friendships have the power to generate passion for a better world and unite people for the greater good.

In recognition of this, International Day of Friendship is celebrated annually on 30 July, and every day offers a chance to make friends, nurture relationships and generally enjoy the company of others.

When it comes to children, social bonding is an important part of their development. While toddlers are making friends for the first time, preschoolers are building solid relationships, so let's look at some suggestions for supporting your young child's friendships.
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