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August 7, 2019
Welcome, with the gastro season in full bloom, this week we look at how early childhood services work to prevent children from falling ill, and how parents can support this by adhering to exclusion policies. Also, meet Nisha, the maternity nurse.
How child care centres prevent the spread
of gastro
There's nothing fun about gastroenteritis. This highly-contagious infection causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, stomach pain, headaches, and muscle aches, spreading like wildfire when hygiene standards slip.

In NSW an especially high number of under-fives sought medical treatment for gastro this year, and a gastroenteritis outbreak at more than 100 child care centres prompted a NSW Health warning.

Gastro can be serious for infants and very unpleasant at any age, so let's look at the two main ways that early childhood education services fight back against gastroenteritis and contain outbreaks amongst children and staff.
Meet Nisha the maternity nurse
The arrival of a baby brings excitement and joy, but can also be an overwhelming time, filled with new responsibilities and challenges. First-time parents may feel uncertain about the best way to care for their newborn, parents with older children might be trying to balance everyone's needs, and the arrival of twins calls for more hands on deck.

Help is available, though, and whatever a family's situation, a maternity nurse can provide home-based baby care, and expert support for parents as they adjust to their new family dynamic. To see how a maternity nurse can make things easier in those first weeks, we spoke with Nisha, a qualified nurse and maternity nurse, who has dedicated her career to caring for newborns and babies under 12 months.
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