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April 10, 2019
Welcome, this week an interview with Michael, a manny currently working for two families. Plus, our growing reliance on online communities for our parenting information.
The positive influence of a male nanny
Female nannies are far more prevalent than their male counterparts, however, a rising number of men are providing home-based child care in Australia. Offering nanny-style services with a male dynamic, 'mannies' are both a practical and enriching option for many families.

To get a sense of what a male nanny does and why parents choose this type of child care, we spoke with Michael, a manny from White Glove Services.
How Australian families are embracing online information
Parents have strong relationships with their children, partners, friends and extended family, but there's another connection that supports mums and dads every day and through the years - and this is their affinity with online information.

In fact, according to the Parenting Research Centre (PRC), parents are no longer simply 'going online' for reliable advice, news and content. Instead, they're 'living online' and seeking the counsel of websites regarding a wide range of childhood and parenting issues.
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