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September 26, 2018
Welcome, this week the controversial issue of toy guns and whether they should be banned from early childhood settings, and why children lie.
Is gun play a good or bad thing for children?
Dramatic play is an important part of childhood, and although this can include a preschooler serving up play dough cookies at their cardboard box 'bakery', it might also involve them brandishing a toy gun or engaging in other weapon play.

Australian families are generally cautious about real guns and this begs the question – are toy shooters a cause for concern?

Here we look at recent news around this and think about the possible benefits of weapon play.
The truth about why children lie
We might not like to admit it, but lying is a common part of life. Grown-ups do it, and children learn to do it from an early age.

Is fibbing as bad as it sounds?

Well, according to educational psychology lecturer, Penny Van Bergen and early childhood lecturer, Carol Newall lying isn't usually cause for concern.
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