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April 12, 2017
Welcome, this week some tried and tested strategies for successfully working from home while the kids are around and how to cope with book week costumes, Easter hat parades and so on if you are a non-crafty parent. And don't forget to take our child care survey - your opinion really matters.
Essential tips for work-from-home mums
The growth of the Internet has made it increasingly possible for many mums to work from home. On paper it seems like the dream job. You save on child care fees, can be present while the kids are young, and avoid the chore of a daily commute all while continuing your career or growing a business.

But working from home can be a challenging task. Juggling many roles simultaneously can lead to you achieving nothing, and always having your work within arms reach can lead to higher stress levels. As well and unfortunately a lot of the household responsibilities usually fall to the person who is home, so you'll be dragged between laundry, cleaning, cooking and the mountain of other tasks that go into the smooth running of a house.
Are you a non-crafty mum?
Becoming a parent suddenly means you need to learn a whole raft of new skills. As soon as you’ve mastered swaddling, breastfeeding and pureeing food, you jump into preparing tempting lunchboxes, telling clever bedtime stories and creating an incredible array of costumes and craft projects.

However, for many mums, craft isn't something they did before children and it isn't something that suddenly comes naturally once they do have children. But despite this, there are Easter hats to design, book week costumes to create, as well as the many arts and crafts activities that kids want to attempt.

It is well known that creative play and crafts is an essential part of learning, but what happens if you just aren't a crafty mum?
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