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Child Care News for Parents & Carers
September 14, 2016
Welcome, while starting child care is a big day for children, the transition for mums is just as challenging, this week we offer ways to ease the process. Also, let's future proof planet Earth by raising a generation of tree-huggers.
Preparing Mum for the first day of child care
A child's first day at child care is an exciting, nerve wracking, milestone. Yet, with all the focus on the child, mum is often forgotten. With a myriad of emotions to contest with, as well as the necessity to re-focus an exhausted baby brain back into the working world, the shift into a child care regime can often be harder on mum than baby.
Raising a child who cares about the world
Young children have a natural curiosity about the environment. The natural world offers so much opportunity for exploration, and every time they step outside they discover something new - flowers to smell, insects to chase, trees to climb or clouds in the bright blue sky to watch.

Establishing an emotional connection to this amazing world from an early age will instil an understanding and respect for the systems that make the world so incredible.
Unsure about your child care options?
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