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Child Care News for Parents & Carers
May 4, 2016
Welcome, Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mums out there. This week some interesting ideas to help you celebrate and the first results from our annual Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey.
Survey Results
Child Care & Workforce Participation Survey
The state of play for Australian families
Every year we ask Australian parents and carers to share their views on achieving balance between work and family life and what they think about our child care system.

The results offer unique insights into how our system is working at the grass roots level and what needs to change moving forward.

This year an astonishing 4446 people took the time to respond to our survey, just under 60 per cent were parents and just over 40 per cent identified themselves as early childhood education and care providers.
Unique ways to make Mother's Day special
Happy Mother's Day this week to all the wonderful mums out there.

With mums often being the organisers of the house, Mother's Day celebrations tend to lose their shine when you end up planning your own super-secret surprise.

So, for all those mums out there who always end up organising their own Mother's Day, here are a few ideas to ensure you still have a special day, even if you have to plan it all yourself.
Unsure about your child care options?
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