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September 30, 2015
Occasional Care is often overlooked in general child care discussions, seems to be disappearing and was not obviously included in the budget. We look at who it helps and where it's placed in the new Child Care Assistance Package. With the recent awful "hanging" incident in a Sydney play centre, we look at playground safety and home safety for young children.
Occasional child care
Where have all the OCC centres gone?
One of the types of child care that is often overlooked in general discussions, has not been mentioned in the budget and is getting harder to access, is occasional care.

Occasional Child Care (OCC) is an invaluable source of care for many mothers who want a break to get necessary chores done, go to appointments, volunteer or who have ad hoc work commitments, but sadly it's getting harder and harder to find occasional child care centres in many areas.

For those who haven't come across this type of child care OCC is a centre-based form of child care. Designed to serve the needs of the general community and to provide flexible child care for pre-school children, which allows parents to meet their work-related and non-work related commitments.
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Tragedy in children's play area
What are your responsibilities for safe play?
Recently a six-year-old girl playing on monkey bars in a Sydney play centre was found hanging by her scarf. Just in time as it turns out, because although critical, she survived, was stabilised and is now recovering.

An investigation into the particular play centre in question (which for the record was an unregistered out of school hours play centre, not a registered child care service) is underway, with regards to number of staff on duty and visibility of the entire play area to staff.

Hundreds of thousands of children every year sustain injuries in playgrounds and while we all want kids to be out there, active and having fun, we and they need to be aware that playgrounds can be dangerous sometimes.
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