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October 28, 2015
A reminder that applications for the Nanny Pilot Programme close on 31 October although it's worth noting you could be able to claim CCB/CCR for your nanny now through specialist nanny agencies.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the annual Pink Ribbon campaign is in full swing. It's often easy to focus on breast cancer, but knowing about and preventing gynaecological cancers through self-checks and symptom awareness is just as important… Our article gives you a useful overview.
Child Care Benefit for Nannies
You may be able to claim
The government's new Nanny Pilot Programme is set to kick off in January 2016 and has been designed to help families struggling to access mainstream child care services due to non-standard work/study hours or because they live in rural or remote areas. But even if you aren't able to take part in the programme it's worth knowing that there are ways you may be able to claim for Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) if you employ a nanny.

While parents directly employing a nanny themselves or through a small agency or nanny finder will not be able to claim child care benefit or rebate, some of the larger nanny and in-home care agencies are approved child care providers and can therefore pass on the eligibility to claim CCB and CCR to the parents who employ their nanny through the agency.

Louise Dunham from nanny and in-home care placement specialists, Placement Solutions, said: "A side effect of the recent publicity to do with the pilot programme has been the common but erroneous belief that there is no government assistance available for in-home child care or nannies. That is not actually true."
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Look after yourself:
Get regular checks - not just your boobs, but your bits too
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the annual Pink Ribbon campaign is in full swing. It's often easy to see Pink Ribbon and Breast Cancer Awareness month as purely about breast cancer, but raising awareness of gynaecological cancers is just as important this month.

Breast and gynaecological cancers are by no means reserved for post-menopausal or older women only. There has been a lot of publicity regarding women under 40 with breast cancer though it is not on the increase and women under 40 only account for about 6% of breast cancer cases. This jumps to 18% in 40-49 year olds.

While older women still remain far more likely than younger ones to get cancer, younger women do get it, so this month, get everything checked, not just your boobs, but your bits too.
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