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October 21, 2015
This month is Grandparent month, we look at the increasingly important care giving role grandparents hold and offer tips to make sure that precious relationship is not driven to breaking point. We also have a couple of poems to commemorate Grandparents' Day this Sunday.
Grandparents -
The unsung heroes of child care
How much are they giving up?
October is officially Grandparents' month around the world and many countries, including Australia, hold a National Grandparents' Day, when we have the chance to celebrate everything that these unsung heroes have done and continue to do for our families and communities.

Due to both the cost and lack of availability in some areas - more and more grandparents are now their grandchildren's primary carers while parents are at work.

In fact, according to the Bureau of Statistics, grandparents are the most popular type of child care in Australia, and 837,000 children were looked after by their grandparents each week in 2014. 97% of these grandparent carers are unpaid, and most probably wouldn't dream of asking for financial compensation for their time and energy. And it's not just childminding; many children rely on their grandparents for social, physical, emotional and educational support as well.
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Ode to grandparents
Grandparents play an important part in families and usually have a positive impact in children's lives as care givers and role models.

The strength of the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is often based on the fact they are a step removed from the parents and children and teenagers may find it easier to confide in their grandparents.

Children also seem to respect and listen to their grandparents far more than their parents. Have you noticed how much better behaved your children are around their grandparents?
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