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May 13, 2015
Following yesterday's budget announcement, our overview article gives you the basics on what the new families package means for you. May 15 is officially, according to Jamie Oliver anyway, global Food Revolution Day. Our article looks at what you can do to get your kids cooking and learning how to create and eat healthy food.
Child care subsidy changes

What does the new Jobs for Families package mean for you?

As anticipated, the budget has delivered confirmation of Scott Morrison's Jobs for Families child care package, containing financial and other support measures that aim to streamline child care payments to provide a simpler child care subsidy; be more helpful to mums who want to get back into the workforce; and to support disadvantaged families.

Based on 2011 Census data, the government believes that its new Jobs for Families measures will encourage over 240,000 "to increase their involvement in paid employment". The total number of families encouraged to work would also include almost 38,000 jobless families, where no one is in work.

Morrison says that the Jobs for Families child care package aims to make it easier for families to get back to and stay in work, especially for middle and low income families. "We want these families to be able to choose to work, we don't want that choice denied because of complex, inflexible and unaffordable child care arrangements", he said.

Key components of the new measures are:
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Get kids cooking kit

Food revolution day - get kids cooking

Over the last few years, shows like Masterchef, Junior Masterchef and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution have done a huge amount to inspire kids' interest in cooking and May 15 is officially, according to Jamie Oliver anyway, global Food Revolution Day.

This is an annual campaign designed to highlight the importance of educating children and the people who feed them, whether that's parents, grandparents, school canteen staff or child care workers on the importance of healthy eating.

We love anything that Jamie does, because it is done with heart and it's an incredibly important campaign that aims to encourage governments to improve their food policies in support of better public health.

Basically you can get involved by signing the Food Revolution petition, registering your school as a Food Revolution school to download some brilliant teaching materials and join in with Jamie's exclusive cooking lesson on Food Revolution Day. Or if you're famous or worth knowing, you can sign up as an ambassador.
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