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Taking baby steps
Sydney Morning Herald - Colin Kruger - October 2, 2014
If you missed out on the opportunity of investing in Eddy Groves' ABC Learning Centres last time round, there's another chance with the planned IPO of Think Childcare. Well, sort of. Some of the assets in the $30 million float are childcare centres owned by the Groves former plaything, although…

What could childcare changes mean for Australian parents?
ABC 7.30 Report - Adam Harvey - September 30, 2014
The Federal Government is set to introduce major changes to Australia's childcare system. A review of a system in crisis has recommended ditching complicated payments and subsidising alternatives to childcare centres, such as nannies. It says 160,000 Australian parents want to work but can't…

States warn against watering down regulations overseeing childcare standards
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - September 30, 2014
TWO of the largest state governments have urged against watering down childcare centre standards as part of a push to ­address affordability concerns, and warned that they will need stronger regulations to police the proposed use of taxpayer-funded nannies. In a submission to a Productivity...

Good returns from new sector
Financial Review - James Dunn - September 30, 2014
One of the earliest examples of social impact investing in Australia was the GoodStart Early Learning Syndicate, which was set up in 2008-09 following the collapse of ABC Learning, the largest single provider of child care in the Australian market. Four not-for-profit organisations - the Benevolent...

Going beyond the call of duty
Financial Review - Joanna Mather - September 30, 2014
David O'Byrne, United Voice national secretary. Key issues: corporate tax avoidance, childcare. Industries: hospitality, health and aged care, property services, children's services Membership: 120,000. 'Friends, we come together at a time of unparalleled attack, not just on our people but...

Gran doesn't need a diploma to mind the kids
The Australian - Angela Shanahan - September 27, 2014
No one in the current debate about childcare really asks the question, What is best for the children? We know what is best. It is "high quality care", preferably by their parents. Infants should not really be cared for by strangers, but the way the childcare debate is framed in this country it is all about...

Childcare sector leaps on finding preschool kids score better
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - September 26, 2014
THE nation's largest childcare provider has seized on a new British study that found that access to quality preschool influences a child’s high school results, amid a debate about the future of preschool and childcare funding. Oxford University's EPPSE study, which has been tracking the educational…

Childcare workers' training program to replace wage rise fund
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - September 25, 2014
THE ABBOTT government will today reveal that more than 50,000 long day care childcare educators will receive funding for professional development, after money for wage rises promised by Labor was removed. Assistant Minister for Education Sussan Ley will today announce support for the cost of...

Preschool teachers to strike as pay talks collapse
The Age - Benjamin Preiss - September 24, 2014
Preschool teachers will strike for 24 hours next month after negotiations for a new pay deal broke down. The Australian Education Union's Victorian branch expects about 400 preschool teachers and educators to join a rally on October 22. However, the union says more than 1000 teachers and...

Be wary of push for taxpayer handouts and regulatory favours
The Australian - Judith Sloan - September 23, 2014
Take another example of conflation being used by various childcare providers and trade union United Voice to make the case for even more government spending on childcare. In fact, the conflation is made on a number of fronts. There is a deliberate mixing up of the case for government funding...

Make the numbers on childcare payments add up
Financial Review - Claire Braund - September 23, 2014
Innovation and a reduction in red tape around the provision of flexible childcare options have been called for repeatedly in submissions to the Productivity Commission's inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning. This requires more complex and far-reaching policy reform than the "tax break...

Male childcare workers under scrutiny from mistrustful parents - September 22, 2014
WOULD you trust a man looking after your child at daycare? If the answer's no, you're not alone. Australian parents have been taking to online forums to express their mistrust of male childcare workers. A Reddit post asking parents how they felt about men caring for their kids revealed...

Childcare diet lacking
The West Asutralian - Cathy O'Leary - September 22, 2014
Researchers say a big study into childcare meals is needed after a Perth pilot study found toddlers and preschoolers were not getting enough of important food groups such as meat, dairy and vegetables. A study of meals offered to 252 children in eight metropolitan childcare centres found none was giving...

Explainer: does investment in childcare quality risk pricing parents out of the market?
The Age - Judith Ireland - Septemner 21, 2014
Q. Are childcare costs rising more quickly than other costs of living? Costs vary depending on where you live and the services included (do you want a personal chef and a toddler masseuse with your childcare?), but there is no doubt costs are rising. According to a recent report by AMP and the...

City to build three new childcare centres
Sydney Morning Herald - Kirsty Needham - September 21, 2014
Three new childcare centres, with places for 240 children, will be built by the City of Sydney in Annandale, Alexandria and St Peters to address an inner-city childcare shortage. The investment in the centres, each with outdoor play areas, comes as the City of Sydney has raised concerns about…

Childcare facilities for gamblers! Is this a joke?
The Age - Jen Vuk - September 21, 2014
Here are two words you don't expect see in the same sentence: "childcare" and "pokies". And yet, there they were. In black and white. As The Sunday Age reported last week, licensed clubs had thrown their hats into the childcare ring as a "credible solution" to the childcare crisis. With the number of…

Solved: free childcare
Sydney Morning Herald - James Adonis - September 19, 2014
How many Australian kids, according to the most recent census, have their grandparents looking after them on a regular basis? The figure is 937,000. And, if you were to glance at much of the media recently, you'd be led to believe that's a bad thing. According to Council on the Aging, grandparents...

Street Talk
Financial Review - Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald and Jake Mitchell - September 17, 2014
It is Navis Capital's second foray into the broader education space, having snaffled Wolseley Private Equity's Guardian Childcare Alliance, the third-largest childcare operator in Australia, in September 2013. It's believed Navis plans to expand Modern Star, which makes earnings of about $20 million...

Shift workers drive a growing need across Northern Districts for 24 hour child care
Daily Telegraph - Monique Cowper - September 17, 2014
MIGRANT shift workers are leading the charge towards 24-hour child care which has resulted in a growing number of flexible family daycare centres popping up across the northern district. Advertisements for 24-hour care have just started to appear across the district but Christian...

Greenhill's Modern Star sale process gets to pointy end
Financial Review - Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald and Jake Mitchell - September 17, 2014
Final bids for privately owned education equipment supplier Modern Star, which trades under the Modern Teaching Aids (MTA) and Modern Brands monikers, are due this week. A sale process, run by corporate advisory boutique Greenhill and law firm Norton Rose, kicked off in June. Modern Star...

Aussie payments player Ezidebit sold to Global Payments for $305m
Financial Review - Shaun Drummond and Sarah Thompson - September 16, 2014
Brisbane-based cashflow finance company Ezidebit has been sold to US-based Global Payments for $305 million. The deal was first revealed by The Australian Financial Review on Tuesday morning. Ezidebit, an electronic payments player that helps small business' cashflow by collecting and...

Police seek childcare bonuses
The Australian - Natasha Bita - September 16, 2014
POLICE are demanding bonus childcare subsidies so they can afford to hire nannies to cover their 24/7 shifts. The Police Federation of Australia has warned that women are dropping out of frontline policing because they cannot find or afford conventional childcare. It says paying officers higher taxpayer...

Expert says long day-care is a 'form of child abuse'
Sunshinecoast Daily - Kathy Sundstrom - September 16, 2014
A RESPECTED pediatrician and vice-president of the leading advocacy body for prevention of child abuse and neglect says leaving babies in long-day care can be a form of child abuse. Dr Sue Packer, Canberra's 2013 Citizen of the Year, also believes lack of communication between parents and their...

Federal Government to launch trial program to teach kids languages - September 15, 2014
FOUR-year-olds will be encouraged to learn French, Arabic, Indonesian, Japanese or Mandarin under a new taxpayer funded initiative to get Australian kids speaking a second language. The Federal Government will today launch a new $9.8 million pilot program to deliver foreign language "apps"...

Children showing signs of alarmingly low pre-school vocabularies
ABC News - Gabrielle Burke - September 15, 2014
How many words could your children say when they started pre-school? The normal average is about a 1000 but alarmingly, children are now starting pre-school with as little as 100 word vocabularies. Steve Austin spoke with Ian Walker, Minister for Innovation and the Arts, about a new initiative...

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