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A comprehensive collection of child care related news from Australia and around the world.
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What do Australians need in a 'families package'?
The Conversation - Eva Cox - December 18, 2014
There are a lot of babies around, and the numbers are increasing. However, Australia does not have coherent policies that recognise the effect of parenting on workforce participation and vice versa. Parenting is still defined as a "women's issue" so no real policies exist to make it possible...

$300 million in suspect fraudulent child care claims unearthed by compliance officers
Herald Sun - Laren Wilson - December 18, 2014
EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of millions of dollars in possible childcare fraud has been unearthed during random phone calls with parents to check when their children are in care. The federal government's kindergarten cop squad has discovered an estimated $300 million worth of irregularities...

Affinity Education buys 16 centres for $45M
The Age - December 17, 2014
Affinity Education Group Limited (ASX:AFJ) is poised to buy 16 more childcare centres for $45 million...

Comment: There is no more money for childcare
SBS News - Trisha Jha - December 17, 2014
When the government announced last year that the Productivity Commission childcare inquiry would be expected to deliver new policy recommendations that fit within the existing funding envelope, there was outrage. But a cursory look at the figures paints a very clear picture as to...

Costs, planning laws hamper parents' childcare needs
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - December 16, 2014
WAGES, costs and archaic planning laws have created an inflexible childcare system and major changes are needed, including schools-based centres. Early Childhood Australia will today release a major report funded by the federal government that says wage costs and industrial...

Business pleas for urgent budget action
Financial Review - Phillip Coorey - December 16, 2014
MYEFO shows the child care rebate and benefit will blow out by $2.4 billion more over the next four years than forecast in the budget. And despite being wound back in the May budget, Family Tax benefit payments will balloon by $3.2 million more over the same period...

Brisk sales of childcare centres underpinned by demand
Financial Review - Nick Lenaghan - December 15, 2014
Surging appetite for childcare centres has tightened yields in the direct market and may flow through into the valuations of listed portfolios in the sector managed by Arena and Folkestone. Auction house Burgess Rawson has sold 45 childcare centres so far this year, worth more...

One mistake and budget blows up in Joe Hockey's face
The Australian - Phillip Hudson - December 15, 2014
A blowout in the cost of childcare and family payments puts means-testing on the table and the government reckons finding childcare solutions, such as nannies for families who don't work 9-5, is a winner. But with no extra cash to splash there will be losers and more tricky wires to manage...

Budget warning: Childcare and family payments explode by $5.6b despite budget cuts
Sunday Telegraph - Samantha Maiden - December 14, 2014
JOE Hockey has warned that childcare and family welfare payments are set to explode by $5.6 billion in a cost blow-out that will reignite the debate over means testing. The Treasurer's budget update will confirm on Monday that the Senate's refusal to pass budget measures to reduce spending...

How ABC Learning was given a new start
Financial Review - Joanna Mather - December 13, 2014
The man who rescued ABC Learning knows the value of being given a chance. Michael Traill's father was the principal of the local high school. He and his brother, Barry, often talk now about how privileged they were. "We had parents who valued education, who created opportunities for us...

Day care death: Coroner calls for new child care sleeping policies
ABC News - December 12, 2014
A coroner has called for a review of national laws to ensure the safety of children while they sleep at day care centres following the death of a child in Queensland. Coroner John Lock handed down his findings into the death of five-month-old Indianna Rose Hicks, who was found not breathing...

New toolkit to help kids learn from internet
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - December 11, 2014
COMMUNICATIONS Minister Malcolm Turnbull will today launch a new toolkit for the childcare and kinder sector which teaches educators how to guide young children in using technology in a way that is beneficial to their learning. The sector has been concerned that with information...

Victorian family day care cheats caught in $23 million scam
Herald Sun - Ellen Whinnett - December 9, 2014
OFFICIALS have uncovered a $23 million welfare fraud in the family day care sector, operating mainly out of Victoria. The Department of Human Services discovered 575 people - 502 from Victoria - working as family day care educators but failing to declare their income, while...

Newcastle nanny agency says childcare changes could deter black market operators
ABC News - December 9, 2014
The operator of a Newcastle nanny agency says predicted childcare changes, providing rebates for nannies, will stamp out so called 'black market' operators. The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has indicated his revamped paid parental leave scheme will provide more financial support...

Mothers would rather have affordable childcare than PPL
SBS News - Danielle Isdale - December 8, 2014
Prime Minister Tony Abbott hasn't yet revealed the details of his revamped Paid Parental Leave scheme, but many mothers say the focus should be on affordable childcare not PPL...

Family day care threatened by budget changes
ABC Radio (PM) - David Mark - December 8, 2014
Family day care providers are scrambling to come up with new funding after Government budget cuts. The Prime Minister says he wants to put more money into child care, but the details aren't clear. The Government's changes to the Community Support Program - worth $157 million...

Peak children's body supports family package to fill PPL void
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - December 8, 2014
THE PRIME Minister's decision to redirect money saved from his paid parental leave scheme to childcare has won the endorsement of national children's peak body Early Childhood Australia (ECA). The ECA supported changes to the proposed PPL scheme in its submission to the...

Tony Abbott reframes paid parental leave scheme as 'holistic families package' following 'community concern'
ABC News - Jane Norman - December 8, 2014
Prime Minister Tony Abbott has acknowledged there has been community concern about his multi-billion-dollar paid parental leave scheme, and says it will be re-worked into a "holistic families package". Mr Abbott said yesterday that he and his ministers would spend the summer...

Paid parental leave changes: Will 'tweak' have any impact?
The Australian - Judith Sloan - December 7, 2014
THE Prime Minister has announced yet another tweak to his treasured paid parental leave scheme. Tony Abbott was a bit vague on the details, but removing high paid women from the scheme and providing more money for childcare were mentioned. He intends to follow the recommendations...

New federal government regulations will put more scrutiny on family day care
Daily Telegraph - Laren Wilson - December 7, 2014
HOME-based day care networks will be required to register in every state they operate in, and day care workers will be banned from sending their kids to other centres. The crackdown comes amid fears some suspect services are using state borders to avoid scrutiny, and some are using the...

Arena REIT wins backing for spin-off
The Australian - Ben Wilmot - December 6, 2014
CHILDCARE centre owner, the $324.8 million Arena REIT, will look to boost its development pipeline and consider shifting into other areas of social infrastructure after yesterday winning support to spin off from its Morgan Stanley-owned manger. The group’s investors yesterday approved...

Evolve shares climb 7% on NZX debut
The Age - Suze Metherell - December 5, 2014
Shares of Evolve Education Group have risen seven per cent on the childcare business's NZX debut after its initial public offer raised $NZ132.3 million ($A123.17 million). The stock first traded at $NZ1.07, up from its $NZ1 offer price, and valuing the company at $NZ189.5 million....

Dodgy family day care operators facing tough new laws
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - December 4, 2014
DODGY family day childcare services exploiting "legislative loopholes" costing millions will be dealt with by tough new laws. Assistant Minister for Education Sussan Ley has announced the Government's plan to make changes to Commonwealth Family Assistance Law as part of its...

Family day care operators will face new rules to stamp out dodgy operators
Courier Mail - Lauren Wilson - December 4, 2014
EXCLUSIVE: Dodgy childcare operators reaping millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies face a crackdown from today under tough new federal government rules. The fraud clampdown will target family day care workers who swap their own children between each other and centres billing the...

Tony Abbott's PPL under the microscope in childcare overhaul
The Australian - David Crowe - December 4, 2014
A LOOMING overhaul of childcare funding will be used to reshape Tony Abbott's controversial paid parental leave scheme, as ministers review flagship policies in response to a sinking budget outlook. The government has begun work on changes to the Prime Minister's signature PPL policy...

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