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Labor should back Tony Abbott's 'Scandinavian' paid parental leave policy
The Age - Ben Schneiders - November 23, 2014
They needed to consider higher taxes on income and mining to fund programs on education, parental leave, childcare and public transport. "Thus we need to look at the Nordic system with a strong revenue base. People are prepared to pay more if they see the benefits."

Educators urge parents to stop using euphemisms for vagina and penis in front of children
The Sunday Mail - Jackie Sinnerton - November 23, 2014
Teaching children euphemisms for private parts like twinkle or peepee is setting them up for later problems, insists Professor Rosemary Coates from Curtin University. And a leader in the Queensland childcare sector agrees that straight talking is the way to go. Leslie Jones…

The paid and unpaid workload on Aussie dads heavy by world standards
Sydney Morning Herald - Matt Wade - November 23, 2014
Australian fathers with young families do more childcare and have a heavier overall workload - paid and unpaid - than their counterparts in other wealthy countries. University of NSW researcher Dr Lyn Craig compared the time use of families with children aged under four in five wealthy…

How can we improve childcare in Australia? - Lisa Mayoh - November 22, 2014
CHILDCARE, or the lack of it, is one of the biggest issues facing Australian parents. From availability to access and excessive cost, most families are already confused with the country's current - and strained - system. But it could all be about to change. So how does it affect you?…

Inflexible childcare, welfare makes family life a big juggle
The Australian - Natasha Robinson - November 22, 2014
STAY-at-home mothers trying to retain their connection to the workforce are facing an impossible task negotiating inflexible childcare and welfare systems that are locking them out of future full job participation. The federal government will spend more than $20 billion on childcare…

Arena boss tells court of proxy bid for Austock's property arm
The Australian - Sarah Danckert - November 22, 2014
Mr Goodwin told the court that merging Austock''s childcare fund - since taken over by Folkestone - with Arena's childcare fund was a good idea. Mr Goodwin's comments at court come just weeks after Arena knocked back a merger offer from Folkestone as not "compelling"…

Global Momentum for Measuring Early Learning Outcomes and Program Quality
The Brookings Institution (USA) - Kate Anderson, Abbie Raikes and Tamar Manuelyan Atinc - November 18, 2014
The importance of early development for later school achievement, earnings, health and well-being has been clearly established, and there is international consensus that it should be seen as a priority for all countries and a goal for the post-2015 development agenda. Including early...

Future-proof Australia Against Welfare Dependency and Inequality
Pro Bono Australia - November 18, 2014
Australians should all care about the findings of the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Childcare and Early Childhood Learning, recently delivered to the Federal Government and due to be tabled soon, because it affects our future prosperity as a nation, says Executive Director of The...

Services win from China deal: Robb - November 18, 2014
He highlighted areas such as legal services, child care, aged care, private hospitals, health, education, engineering, mining and extraction services, manufacturing, architecture and urban planning. "If you run an aged care home in Australia, once this deal is in place … you'll be able to...

Childcare staff-to-children ratios might change in SA, centres warn parents of rising costs
ABC News - November 17, 2014
Childcare centres have warned parents might face a rise of $100 per week in fees from 2016 unless the South Australian Government delays changes to regulations to require more childcare workers. The ratio of carers to children aged two or three is to double from one-for-10 to one-for-five...

How 3 female CEOs say we can lift women's workforce participation
Women's Agenda - Georgina Dent - November 17, 2014
In Australia, for women of child-bearing age, the cry is for a universal system of accessible, affordable, quality early childhood learning and development infrastructure. We can learn much from the experiences of countries which have already gone down this path and in this regard the...

Growing children's nurseries market now worth £4.9bn
NurseryWorld (UK) - Catherine Guant - November 17, 2014
There was significant growth in the children's nurseries market last year, according to the 2014 report from market analysts LaingBuisson. The annual survey of the childcare market puts the value of day nurseries in the UK at £4.9bn, a rise of 4 per cent in real terms. The report analyses...

Online cheats a target in new rules for training colleges
The Australian - Natasha Bita - November 17, 2014
TRAINING colleges have been ordered to check the identity of online students and stop printing certificates on plain paper due to concerns over cheating. "Verify that the person you are enrolling, training and assessing is the same person that will be issued with a qualification or statement...

Childcare benefits red tape putting off low-income parents
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - November 17, 2014
LOW-INCOME and disadvantaged families use fewer childcare and preschool services because they find applying for benefits "confusing and frustrating". And some avoided services because they found providers ignored their needs, a national study has shown. These parents wanted pro­viders...

Folkestone wins supports for merger
Financial Review - Larry Schlesinger - November 17, 2014
Listed fund manager Folkestone has won support from investors and analysts for a plan to merge two childcare property-based funds it controls, creating a vehicle with a $545 million portfolio. The plan may have been mulled over for some time, but it comes hard on the heels of a blunt...

Free laptops for training college dropouts thanks to taxpayers
The Australian - Natasha Bita - November 15, 2014
Training colleges and recruiters known as "brokers" have been bombarding daycare centres with offers to train workers, as they compete for a slice of the federal government's $200 million training fund for the childcare industry. The former Labor government set up the fund to give pay...

Fears over rise in no-jab kids
The West Australian - Cathy O'Leary - November 15, 2014
Almost one in 50 WA children aged under seven is not immunised, as more parents become vaccine-refusers. A record 351 new children were registered with Medicare in the June quarter by WA parents with a conscientious objection to vaccination. Frustrated doctors say they cannot...

The 'match making' service for babysitting and lift sharing
Daily Telegraph - Jenny Pogson - November 15, 2014
TWO women have created an online 'matchmaking' service for families looking to share school pick-ups and childminding responsibilities. Faced with rising childcare costs and low vacancy rates at centres across Sydney, Katrina Clark and Lisa Robertson have launched a website that helps...

Childcare centres shun 'substandard' graduates
The Australian - Natasha Bita - November 14, 2014
CHILDCARE centres are boycotting graduates of "black-listed" training colleges, citing concerns over substandard courses. The Australian Childcare ­Alliance, representing centre owners, said some daycare centres were refusing to hire staff who had studied with particular colleges, despite…

Folkestone plans $545m merger
The Australian - Sarah Duckert - November 14, 2014
GREG Paramor's property funds management house, Folkestone, is planning to merge two listed funds it manages to create a $545 million vehicle. Childcare property focused Folkestone Education Trust has proposed a merger with sister trust Folkestone Social Infrastructure Fund, which owns 47 childcare…

Folkestone to merge childcare trusts, bulk up for fight
Financial Review - Larry Schlesinger - November 14, 2014
Fund manager and developer Folkestone has proposed merging its two listed childcare trusts to create a single trust with more than 400 childcare centres and with a market cap close to $500 million as it battles with rival Arena REIT to take control the lucrative early learning property…

Books closed on New Zealand's Evolve Education IPO
Financial Review - Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald and Jake Mitchell - November 14, 2014
Kiwi IPO aspirant Evolve Education has sealed off its institutional book-build early due to strong investor demand with the offer closing on Thursday afternoon. Evolve, which has brokers Forsyth Barr and Goldman Sachs overseeing the roll-up of 90 New Zealand childcare centres, offered…

5 Policies That Help Children By Helping Their Parents
The Brookings Institute - Joanna Venator and Isabel V. Sawhill - November 14, 2014
It should be common sense to say that programs which improve well-being and increase stability for parents will also help their children. Two-generation approaches to child welfare, a topic we highlighted in last spring's issue of Future of Children, are the focus of a new report from the…

A Nordic mystery
The Economist - November 14, 2014
In the world's most female-friendly workplaces, executive suites are still male-dominated. THE Nordic countries have done more than anywhere else to provide women with equal opportunities. Maternity leave is generous. State provision of child care is first-rate. Female university graduates…

G-20 and the early years opportunity
Online Opinion - November 13, 2014
Australia's proposal to place gender equality at the centre of the agenda for economic growth at the G20 meeting in Brisbane next week is internationally significant and long overdue. But if Australia wants to lead a discussion regarding the importance of increasing the participation of women...

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