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New modelling shows parents would save hundreds if PPL cash goes to childcare - January 25, 2015
CASH-strapped working families would save hundreds of dollars a month if the federal government diverted $1.5 billion from its paid parental leave scheme and put the money into childcare subsidies. New modelling obtained by News Corp Australia shows working mums and dads could save...

Hands off our kids, daycarers tell MPs
The Australian - Rosie Lewis - January 22, 2014
CHILDCARE workers are urging the Abbott government to overturn a new regulation that prevents them from using their workplace to care for their own children. Family Day Care Australia is seeking a disallowance of the legislation introduced last year, and due to come into effect on February 3...

Reverend Fred Nile a childcare dinosaur, critics say, after his latest tweet
Daily Telegraph - Alicia Wood - January 21, 2014
CONTROVERSIAL upper house MP Fred Nile has likened childcare centres to "day orphanages", offending mothers and childcare workers only a week after saying on live television that the only man in the Lindt cafe siege was the gunman. Rev Nile, the leader of the Christian Democratic...

Treading carefully on family policy reform
Sydney Morning Herald - Stephanie Peatling - January 17, 2015
Gather at the barbecue in any backyard these days and the conversation still swings to the cost and availability of childcare, the hours of a school day versus the hours of a work day and how long it takes to get everyone where they need to be. The political year finished in December with the...

Vaccination rates drop as plan emerges for 'no jab, no play' policy
Herald Sun - Annika Smethurst, Michelle Ainsworth - January 17, 2015
The Government has promised a "No Jab- No Play" policy that will require all children to be fully immunised before they can enrol in childcare. "Refusing to vaccinate your child puts both them and other children at risk of dangerous diseases and illnesses," Health Minister Jill Hennessy said...

Queensland prep eligibility entry age changes
Brisbane Time - Kim Stephens - January 15, 2014
As many as 5000 Queensland four-year-olds could potentially bypass kindergarten and enrol in prep this year, after an abrupt change to prep and kindergarten eligibility requirements. The Department of Education, Training and Employment announced at the beginning of the year that...

TAFE Illawarra and Big Fat Smile childcare centres form partnership
Illawarra Mercury - Brianna Parkins - January 14, 2014
TAFE Illawarra and Big Fat Smile childcare centres have formalised a partnership to meet childcare skills shortages not only in the Illawarra but as far away as China. In a memorandum of understanding, TAFE Illawarra childcare students will complete work placements at Big Fat Smile...

Back to work: Long hot summer holidays cost families dear
Sydney Morning Herald - Sylvia Pennington - January 13, 2014
The vacation care program attracts a Child Care Rebate, Markham says, which makes it more cost-effective than a nanny or babysitter, for which there are no government subsidies. The rebate covers 50 per cent of out-of-pocket childcare expenses. Other options for holiday care include...

Susie O'Brien: Every child deserves to be vaccinated
Herald Sun - January 12, 2014
The Andrews Government has committed to introduce a "No Jab, No Play" policy in childcare centres, requiring all children to be fully immunised before they can enrol. But why not extend this to schools and kinders as well? Just one unvaccinated kid puts the health of every other child at...

Labor's 'Being There' tips on budget aren't plausible
The Australian - Judith Sloane - January 13, 2015
This analysis destroys the popular political narrative promoted by the states and the opposition about savage budget cuts, confirming instead that spending on schools, hospitals and childcare is set to rise substantially for years to come. With revenue growth failing to keep pace, the PBO...

$14bn spending rise punctures 'cuts' rhetoric
The Australian - David Crowe - January 12, 2015
A SURGE in government spending has reignited the fight over the need for budget savings, as a new report outlines a $14 billion jump in outlays in key areas, including welfare bonuses, childcare and family tax benefits. The independent analysis highlights the danger of stronger spending...

Federal government to take a back seat in education?
The Conversation - Bronwyn Hinz - January 8, 2014
The paper identifies the disconnect between stand-alone kindergartens (managed and funded by states and local governments), and kindergarten programs in formal daycare settings (which are mostly funded by the Commonwealth through childcare funding). Confusing matters...

Doctors want to bar anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny
The Age - Julia Medew - January 7, 2014
It comes as the Victorian Government plans to introduce a "no jab, no play" rule for entry to childcare to protect children from preventable diseases. Under the policy, unvaccinated children will not be able to enrol in childcare unless they have an approved exemption for a medical reason…

Nursery staff to be forced to report toddlers at risk of becoming terrorists
The Independent (UK) - Ben Tufft - January 4, 2014
Nursery staff will be forced to report toddlers at risk of becoming terrorists under plans drawn up by the Home Office. It is part of the department's consultation over ways to enhance its anti-terrorism strategy, Prevent. Critics have dismissed the proposals as being unnecessarily draconian…

Property stocks set to surge further in 2015 on low interest tide
Financial Review - Larry Schlesinger - January 6, 2015
The favourable outlook for the childcare sector and the increasing appeal of childcare centres as high-yield, low-risk property investments drove up the share price of the two biggest listed childcare landlords, the Folkestone Education Trust and Arena REIT...

Support, childcare needed for mothers of kids with intellectual disability
Science Network Western Australia - Michelle Wheeler - January 3, 2015
EXTRA support, education and childcare services are needed to address a high rate of mental health problems in mothers of children with intellectual disabilities, research suggests. A study of WA women who gave birth between 1983 and 2005 found those who had a child with a mild intellectual…

Opinion: Tony Abbott to spend summer break contemplating how to move forward his government's agenda
The Courier-Mail - Steven Scott - January 3, 2015
Abbott has set himself a deadline of the end of the summer to come up with a new "comprehensive families package" to help with the number one complaint of working parents - the cost and availability of child care. The help could come in the form of higher rebates or subsidies for a wider range…

Japan turns to Supermums to revive the economy
Sydney Morning Herald - Jonathan Soble - January 2, 2015
In a country where juggling work and family has long been especially difficult, Abe has pledged to ease the way for women like Kitajima, with more state-funded child care and other measures to foster "a society where all women shine." Tackling the nation's shrinking population and declining labor...

Cabinet papers 1988-89: Hawke rejected well-off subsidised childcare ban
The Australian - Natasha Bita - January 1, 2015
BAN on well-off families and stay-at-home parents using cheap childcare centres was rejected by the Hawke cabinet for fear it would "segregate" poorer children. The Labor government in 1988 was agonising over the very same childcare policy dilemmas that face the Abbott administration...

'Means-test childcare fees', say childcare operators
The Australian - Rick Moreton - December 29, 2014
CHILDCARE operators are calling for a means test of the childcare rebate after revelations fees would rise by at least 30 per cent over the next four years. Social Services Minister Scott Morrison yesterday said the government would not be "bullied" into making snap decisions about a solution…

Barnardos Australia claims proposed overhaul of the early childhood system could see vulnerable children moved into foster care - December 29, 2014
THE federal government has been warned a proposed overhaul of the early childhood system could inadvertently lead to a greater number of vulnerable children being placed into foster care. Barnardos Australia has told a Senate inquiry into out of home care arrangements that the Productivity...

Childcare fees to rise by 30 per cent, predicts Department of Education
The Age - Latike Bourke - December 28, 2014
Labor has not ruled out supporting means testing the childcare rebate, with spokeswoman Kate Ellis saying the Opposition is in favour of reforming the sector to improve "access, affordability and quality". Ms Ellis was responding to figures from the Department of Education, which is...

For towns like Walla Walla in regional NSW, childcare on wheels is a godsend
9News - Lauren Gianoli - December 29, 2014
While the cost of childcare could be on the rise - spare a thought for families in the bush, where options are limited or just non-existent. But mobile child care centres are increasingly trying fill that gap, as they roll - literally - into towns across regional Australia to offer a...

Childcare fees set to explode with parents facing huge fee increases of up to 30 per cent by 2016
Sunday Telegraph - Samantha Maiden - December 28, 2014
PARENTS face huge increases in childcare fees of 30 per cent - or more - that will force more families to hit the childcare rebate cap and receive no further government assistance. Despite pledging to address childcare affordability for parents, new figures confirm that the Abbott Government's…

Scott Morrison faces tough job stopping the welfare
The Australian - Adam Creighton - December 27, 2014
Projected to grow 25 per cent to $8bn across the next three years, federal spending on childcare is another area where benefits could be distributed more tightly. About 750,000 families receive both of the two existing payments - the childcare benefit and childcare rebate. The first is not…

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