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A comprehensive collection of child care related news from Australia and around the world.
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Melbourne childcare centres charge well above Productivity Commission's proposed 'benchmark' fees
The Age - Judith Ireland - March 29, 2015
The vast majority of childcare centres in Melbourne are charging well above the Productivity Commission's proposed "benchmark" fees, a new analysis reveals, as the federal government prepares to overhaul its $7 billion-a-year policy. In a report released last month, the commission...

Family day-care numbers explode across Victoria
The Age - Alana Schetzer - March 29, 2015
The number of childcare educators operating out of family homes across the country has skyrocketed in the past year, as more parents struggle to find a place for their child in a traditional facility. The number of services rose 40 per cent in the 12 months to June 30, 2014, with most operators...

Morrison talks up childcare in budget
The Australian - Andrew Drummond - March 27, 2015
SOCIAL Services Minister Scott Morrison has thrilled toddlers with the tale of a didgeridoo-playing kangaroo. BUT Australian families will hope he was not telling stories regarding his commitment to deliver improved childcare services in the May budget. The federal MP visited an early-learning...

Picking the right childcare centre
7News - Damien Hansen - March 27, 2015
The building blocks of a bright future are laid in early childhood, which is why finding the right childcare centre is such an important and daunting task. There are 518 services across Queensland which are exceeding the National Quality Standard set by the Government. Wynnum Family Day...

Autism centres get $16m boost from Abbott government
The Australian - Rosie Lewis - March 27, 2015
The Abbott government has announced more than $16 million for six autism-specific child care centres around the country, saying it will help the businesses adapt for a "successful and smooth transition" to the National Disability and Insurance Scheme. Speaking in Tasmania to launch...

G8 equity raising concerns overdone, Bank of America Merrill Lynch says
Financial Review - March 27, 2015
Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts have come out in support for G8 Education, saying an underwritten dividend reinvestment plan and strong free cash flow would be enough to see off fears about an equity raising. G8 shares have been heavily sold over the past six weeks on fears about...

Call for Joe Hockey to ease tax burden on stay-at-home mums
The Australian - Sid Maher - March 26, 2015
Joe Hockey faces internal pressure to provide tax relief for stay-at-home mothers as the government frames the May budget and its childcare package. Queensland Nationals senator Matthew Canavan says the current tax structure disadvantages single-income families compared...

Preschool for all 3 year olds?
Natasha Mitchell - ABC Radio - March 25, 2015
Should Australia introduce universal, government funded, part-time preschool places for all Australian children from their third birthday? Professor Edward Melhuish of Wollongong University argues yes. He says many northern European countries, some US states as well as the UK and...

Scott Morrison does the Wombat Wobble
Sydney Morning Herald - Judith Ireland - March 25, 2015
The Social Services Minister, who is the father of two young girls, busted out all his best dad moves at a Geelong childcare centre last week, leading the children in a rendition of the Wombat Wobble. Written by Johnny Huckle and Helen Moran, the Australian-themed song, (that can also be...

Push for increase in childcare funding for babies and toddlers to urgently address shortage
Sydney Morning Herald - Judith Ireland - March 25, 2015
Pressure is growing on the Abbott government to fund new childcare spots for children under three years old, in a bid to fix a crisis in childcare availability. A group of the country's biggest childcare providers is calling for a one-off funding boost for zero to three-year old places, arguing it would...

Some childcare centres in Australia are sending kids home with their poo in labelled plastic bags - Em Rusciano - March 23, 2015
Some childcare centres in Australia are sending kids home with their poo in labelled plastic bags. Yes, you read that correctly. Take home turds. Let me explain. Late last week a lady sent me a message on my Facebook page: "Em - help me. You have the BEST answers! I am a young mum...

Premier Mike Baird gets high fives all round with plan to boost out-of-hours school care - March 23, 2015
Mr Baird said a Before and After School Care Fund would be established to help schools and groups kickstart an after-hours service. Mr Baird said out-of-hours care was a big concern on the northern beaches. "It's something that comes up a lot ... in my electorate," Mr Baird said. "People tell me...

'Don't penalise families because both parents work'
The Australian - Natasha Bita - March 23, 2015
AN up-market childcare chain has defended the right of affluent families to pocket taxpayer subsid­ies for "six-star" daycare that includes medical checks, French lessons and cooking classes. Only About Children has a two-year waiting list for some of its 28 centres, which charge up to $168...

Programs for homelessness, hospitals and kindergartens at risk
The Age - Farrah Tomazin - March 22, 2015
Shane Lucas, chief executive of the Early Learning Association Australia, said if Commonwealth funding was withdrawn from the kindergarten agreement, Victoria would either have to step in to make up for the shortfall, or the sector would face two choices: increase parental fees, or reduce...

Shark Tank: Mothers reduce sharks to tears with moving pitch
Sydney Morning Herald - Melanie Kembrey - March 22, 2015
Brisbane women Rebecca Glover and Leah James brought some of the toughest people in business close to tears on Sunday evening as the pair made their pitch to expand their service supporting children with a disability. The mothers shared their own personal experiences of looking after a...

Childcare fee hike to target stay-at-home parents under Federal Government reform
Sunday Telegraph - Samantha Maiden - March 21, 2015
STAY-AT-HOME parents could face higher childcare fees under reforms designed to ensure that taxpayer-funded cash is focused on parents who are studying, working or looking for a job. Mums and in some cases dads who are claiming up to 24 hours a week - or three days of childcare...

Liberals shun median fee childcare subsidy
The Australian - Natasha Bita - March 21, 2015
THE Abbott government has binned an unpopular plan to peg childcare subsidies to a single nation­al rate that would leave most families out of pocket. Social Services Minister Scott Morrison yesterday declared there were "obvious weaknesses" in the Productivity Commission's advice to base...

$5b childcare lift for lower incomes
The West Australian - Andrew Probyn and Andrew Tillett - March 21, 2015
The childcare system will get a $5 billion injection under an Abbott Government plan that aims to increase workforce participation and keep a lid on costs for parents. The Weekend West can reveal that lower and middle-income earners will get more support under a revamped childcare system...

Vaccine success depends on us all playing a part
The West Australian - March 19, 2015
There is a strong argument for compulsory vaccinations for children, with no exemptions, before they can attend child care or school or receive government benefits. Some parents will claim the right to make their own decisions. But when people opt out, for whatever reason, the wider...

Gender equality is not about changing women
Financial Review - Elizabeth Shaw - March 18, 2015
The government has a significant role in policy and legislative interventions that provide an enabling environment for this to take place - such as affordable, accessible childcare and a tax system that incentivises women to remain in the workforce. However, the actions of the...

Scott Morrison has admitted that the controversial $74 childcare subsidies per day is too low - Lauren Wilson - March 18, 2015
SOCIAL SERVICES Minister Scott Morrison has conceded that a controversial recommendation to cap childcare subsidies at $74 a day could hurt working families and keep mums out of the workforce. Mr Morrison, who is continuing to work on the federal government's new approach to...

Childcare: New ideas for parents and kids
SBS Insight - March 17, 2015
Ask any parent and they will say childcare is a big concern for families today - especially for new parents who are weighing up the option of returning to work. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the need for child care services is set to increase as the number of children aged 0-12...

Six ways Australia's education system is failing our kids
The Conversation - Rachel Wilson, Bronwen Dalton & Chris Baumann - March 16, 2015
While Australia has recently lifted levels of investment in early childhood education, this investment has not been reflected in high levels of early childhood participation. In Australia, just 18% of 3 year olds participated in early childhood education, compared with 70% on average across the...

Children need chores to teach mastery, responsibility: study
The Australian - Jennifer Breheny Wallace - March 16, 2015
Giving children household chores at an early age helps to build a lasting sense of mastery, responsibility and self-reliance, according to research by Marty Rossmann, professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota. In 2002, Dr. Rossmann analysed data from a longitudinal study that...

Qld plans opt-in child vaccination laws
SBS News - March 12, 2015
Queensland's government is planning new child vaccination laws, but the opposition wants evidence they will increase vaccination rates. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is planning for opt-in laws allowing childcare centres to ban unvaccinated children from their premises. Ms Palaszczuk...

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