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Govt gets answers on child care
9News - October 31, 2014
Answers to fixing child care affordability and availability are ready to hand to the government but it remains to be seen if they're politically palatable. The Productivity Commission will lodge its final report on the issue on Friday, although it is unlikely to be released publicly for some time...

A heartfelt thank you to the people who look after our kids so we can work
Daily Life - Stephanie Peatling - October 30, 2014
This morning I dropped my children at the childcare centre they attend. I took my four year old daughter into her room and the care of educators who never fail to astonish me with their responsiveness to a group of 20 very different little people. At the moment everyone is intos...

'Reception-style' child care
7News Adelaide - Gerda Jezuchowski - October 30, 2014
Five-year-olds held back by the new annual intake are being offered reception style classes in childcare...

Will the Productivity Commission deliver for the childcare sector?
The Conversation - Gerardine Neylon - October 30, 2014
Last year in an open letter to the prime minister and the leader of the opposition, early childhood employers and peak bodies joined forces to ask for a commitment to early learning. They warned the political leaders that prices will rise and the quality of services suffer unless more government...

Parents furious over childcare study
7News - Gerda Jezuchowski - October 29, 2014
New research linking childcare centres to bad behaviour in kids has been met with outrage from parents and the industry...

White House Announces Summit on Early Education
The White House (USA) - Office of the Press Secretary - October 29, 2014
On Wednesday, December 10, President Obama will host a White House Summit on Early Education. The Summit will bring together a broad coalition of philanthropic, business, education, advocacy and elected leaders, as well as other stakeholders who are committed to expanding...

Childcare centres breed aggression: study
The West Australian - October 29, 2014
Children placed in childcare centres are more likely to develop hyperactive and aggressive behaviours than those in home care, a study suggests. Researchers from the University of Adelaide monitored the development of more than 3200 children across Australia following time spent in...

No free range nannies, says peak children's body
Sydney Morning Herald - Judith Ireland - October 29, 2014
Central co-ordination units should be set up if nannies get federal government funding to prevent fraud and make sure nannies deliver appropriate care, the peak body for children says. In its draft report on childcare, released in July, the Productivity Commission recommended that parents...

No good can come from binding our lives to the clubs
Sydney Morning Herald - Alan Stokes - October 29, 2014
Any benefits from the expansion of the poker machine industry into the delivery of cheap childcare and aged care services will come at an enormous cost. The victims will be a significant number of problem gamblers and families exploited by clubs to ensure poker machine revenue keeps...

Time to means-test childcare
Herald Sun - Susie O'Brien - October 28, 2014
IT'S time for the Federal Government to means-test childcare payments. Why should hardworking taxpayers fork out thousands of dollars every year to wealthy families who can well afford to pay for their own childcare costs? I think it's ridiculous that the same amount of Child Care Rebate...

IPO-hopeful Evolve worth up to $NZ221m, Goldman says
Financial Review - Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald and Jake Mitchell - October 28, 2014
ASX-hopeful Evolve Education should trade at 6.5-times to 8.5-times forward earnings, according to sponsoring broker Goldman Sachs, which would value the Kiwi childcare roll-up at $NZ170 million ($152 million) to $NZ221 million. Goldman Sachs analysts printed premarketing research at the...

Mr Fluffy asbestos in Ainslie shops' roof will be dealt with, says Chief Minister
Canberra Times - Emma Macdonald - October 28, 2014
The ACT government will address the issue of Mr Fluffy asbestos installed in part of the roof of the Ainslie shops and the Good Start Childcare Centre in Aranda – but homes are its immediate priority. ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher confirmed on Tuesday the Government would act to ensure...

Childcare sector hots up with another IPO
The Motley Fool - Mike King - October 28, 2014
The success that G8 Education Ltd (ASX: GEM) has enjoyed since listing in March 2010 has spurred increased competition in the childcare sector. Just last week, Think Childcare & Education Ltd (ASX: TNK) listed on the ASX, and follows on from the listing of Affinity Education Group Ltd...

Means-testing child-care rebate means families are paying twice
The Conversation - Kay Margetts - October 28, 2014
Recent media reports suggest that the Productivity Commission into Child Care and Early Childhood Learning will recommend that the simplified single-payment child-care rebate is means-tested. This is not unexpected given that the new rebate combines both the current child care rebate...

Sydney parents miss out on childcare places thanks to outdated council capping
Daily Telegraph - Adam Bell and Peter Theodosiou - October 28, 2014
MUMS and dads could be missing out on much needed child care places because of outdated planning rules set by councils. Some councils in Sydney set a limit on the number of places allowed per child care centre. Hornsby Shire Council limits the number of children per centre to 45 in...

The one word that explains how I 'do it all'
Women's Agenda - Fiona Sugden - October 28, 2014
The next time someone says to me "I don't know how you do it" I am going to give them the honest one word answer. Childcare. "How I do it" is to deliver my children each working day to a high quality early learning environment with qualified educators. Gaining access to quality...

Time for PM to be Robin Hood on childcare with graduated means test
Herald Sun - Susie O'Brien - October 27, 2014
IT’S time for the Federal Government to means-test childcare payments. Why should hardworking taxpayers fork out thousands of dollars every year to wealthy families who can well afford to pay for their own childcare costs? I think it's ridiculous that the same amount of Child Care Rebate...

An open invitation to Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey to take a ride in my car
Women's Agenda - Georgina Dent - October 27, 2014
I have refrained from complaining about my family's childcare situation for a little while because I feel lucky to have the care for our two daughters that we do. Having any childcare - let alone good quality care - is no small feat. But the culmination of too many painful commutes and Samantha...

Online 'match-making' website Connect4Care to help ease Sydney childcare crisis
Daily Telegraph - Jenny Pogson - October 27, 2014
TWO women have created an online 'match-making' service for families looking to share school pick-ups and child-minding responsibilities. In the face of rising childcare costs and low vacancy rates at centres across Sydney, Katrina Clark and Lisa Robertson saw an opportunity to launch...

Palmer vetoes paid parental leave
skyNEWS - October 27, 2014
Clive Palmer has given the thumbs-down to the federal government's paid parental leave scheme. 'All of our senators in the Palmer United Party have decided to vote against paid parental leave, so there will be no paid parental leave,' Mr Palmer told reporters in Canberra on Monday. Enabling...

Clive Palmer brands Tony Abbott a 'misogynist' for PPL scheme
The Australian - Sid Maher - October 27, 2014
CLIVE Palmer has branded Tony Abbott a misogynist for his continued support for paid parental leave and the fact he has only one woman in his cabinet. Mr Palmer cited Julia Gillard's description of Mr Abbott as a misogynist as he attacked the government's PPL proposal and said the money...

Evolve Education $200m IPO roadshow gets under way
Financial Review - Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald and Jake Mitchell - October 27, 2014
The IPO hopeful started meeting fundies late last week, with a view to raising $NZ150 million ($134 million) for a listing in Australia and New Zealand before the end of 2014. Evolve, which has brokers Forsyth Barr and Goldman Sachs overseeing the roll-up of 90 New Zealand childcare...

High income families could pay higher fees for childcare
9News - October 26, 2014
Families deemed to be on a high-income could soon be paying more for childcare, if a Productivity Commission report to be released on Friday is implemented. Every year the federal government spends $5 billion on childcare subsidies and benefits and Treasurer Joe Hockey is under pressure...

Labor challenges Coalition over means tests for childcare rebate
The Guardian - Shalailah Medhora - October 26, 2014
Labor says the government will be breaking an election promise if it considers means testing the childcare rebate, but stopped short of ruling out the measure itself. The Productivity Commission is reportedly set to recommend that the family payments be means tested when it releases its...

Childcare rebate faces new means test for high-income earners, under push to include nannies
Herald Sun - Samantha Maiden - October 26, 2014
JOE Hockey will be urged to means test the 50 per cent childcare rebate for the first time in a move that will force families earning more than $150,000-a-year to pay higher fees. The Treasurer faces a push from the Productivity Commission to simplify Australia's current system of multiple…

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