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Childcare report has come up with some lame ideas
The Australian - Judith Sloane - August 2, 2014
I felt a sense of real anticipation leading up to the release of the Productivity Commission's draft report on childcare and early childhood learning. At last, there could be some rational discussion about the issues, including the need for more competition, choice and deregulation. The PC would...

Long wait list for child care places
The West Australian - Rhianna King - August 2, 2014
Families in some Perth suburbs are facing an 18-month wait to access child care and about 40 per cent of the city's long daycare centres are booked out. An investigation by The Weekend West has found that the number of childcare places available according to the Federal Government's online...

A mother's preference for child care
Canberra Times - Karen Hardy - August 1, 2014
Buried deep inside the Productivity Commission's 900-page draft report on Childcare and Early Childhood Learning is a little subtitle: "Mothers' preferences." It’s in the chapter about Workforce Participation, in the section about drivers of the workforce participation of mothers, and heads a...

Pittwater parents paying up to $35 a week extra for family day care
Daily Telegraph - Kat Adamski - August 1, 2014
Parents at Sydney child care centres will pay up to $35 a week extra to keep their children in family day care next year. From July 1, the Federal Government is tightening ­eligibility for the Community Support Program (CSP), which helps family day care operators pay for administration and quality...

Spend $100m on child care, not paid parental leave, says outgoing bank chief
Sydney Morning Herald - Clancy Yeates - July 31, 2014
The outgoing chief executive of National Australia Bank, Cameron Clyne, has criticised the government's paid parental leave scheme as too costly and said the money would be better spent on child care. In his last day in the job, Mr Clyne this morning hit out at the policy, which will pay...

ACT government steps up awards for preschool teachers
Canberra Times - Primrose Riordan - July 31, 2014
The ACT government is offering new cash for childcare workers to upgrade their skills and become preschool teachers, assistance the union says is welcome news for professionals it believes are under paid. The government announced 25 scholarships worth $1500 a year over four years so...

Lady Gowrie childcare celebrates 75 years of operation
The Mercury - Alice Claridge - July 31, 2014
MUCH has changed in Hobart since Lady Gowrie opened its first childcare facility 75 years ago, but one thing that hasn't changed is the institution’s focus on caring for children. In 1939 the first centre was opened at Battery Point, now there are 13 centres. "Our focus also remains the same...

Senators tell Hockey to axe parental leave
Financial Review - Phillip Coorey - July 31, 2014
Key Senate crossbenchers say the government must scrap Tony Abbott's prized paid parental leave scheme if it is serious about securing support to fix the budget. Senators Nick Xenophon and Bob Day singled out the scheme ahead of separate meetings in Adelaide on Wednesday with...

Frankston Council gives controversial kindergarten ballot system tick
Herald Sun - Lucy Callander - July 31, 2014
FRANKSTON Council is ­declaring the controversial kindergarten ballot a success, with 96 per cent of children who registered on time offered their top pick. Deputy Mayor Rebekah Spelman said 1131 children received their first choice, with a further 19 offered their second or third preference...

Western Sydney kids take the long road to care
Daily Telegraph - Adam Bell - July 30, 2014
THE squeeze on childcare in inner Sydney is worsening as more and more working parents who commute from western Sydney bring their children in with them to centres near where they work. The trend was a surprise finding published in the Productivity Commission's report into the...

Axe may fall on 200 jobs
The West Australian - Bethany Hiatt - July 30, 2014
More than 200 education jobs may be under threat if Federal Government funding for extra kindergarten hours is withdrawn. Education Department director-general Sharyn O'Neill said preliminary budgets released to schools yesterday funded kindergarten students for only 11...

The importance of childcare - for all of us
Sydney Morning Herald - Ross Gittins - July 30, 2014
Surely the most momentous social change of our times began sometime in the 1960s or '70s when parents decided their daughters were just as entitled to an education as their sons. Girls embraced this opportunity with such diligence that today they leave schools and universities better educated...

Towards a truly even playing field in childcare
Financial Review - Andrew Podger - July 30, 2014
The Productivity Commission's discussion paper on early childhood education and care identifies some sensible principles such as "safety and quality", "family choice of care options", "efficient provision of services" and "best value for the community". Central to its approach is to create a...

Study to help kids fight obesity
The West Australian - Marnie McKimmie - July 30, 2014
Young children at child care are being fitted with accelerometers and GPS devices by the Telethon Kids Institute in a bid to find out what makes them get up and move and if they are active enough to prevent obesity and chronic disease. By tracking the group of about 100 children, researchers...

Ezidebit hires Deutsche, Macquarie for ASX listing
Financial Review - Sarah Thompson, Anthony Macdonald and Gretchen Friedman - July 30, 2014
Australia's answer to PayPal, Ezidebit, will introduce itself to fund managers next week ahead of a run at the ASX boards after reporting season. Electronic payments company Ezidebit, which helps companies collect and manage direct debits from customers, has hired Deutsche Bank and...

What WA billionaire Andrew Forrest thinks Australia can learn from this Armadale school
PerthNow - Katie Robertson - July 29, 2014
A NONDESCRIPT school in Perth's eastern suburbs is at the centre of a strategy touted as a shining light for education in Australia. What has happened at the Challis Parenting and Early Learning Centre in Armadale is a key part of a 230-page yet-to-be-released report to Prime Minister Tony...

Early childhood experts pan report
Sydney Morning Herald - Rachel Kleinman - July 26, 2014
Some of the childcare policies touted by the Productivity Commission risk dire consequences for children's wellbeing and development, according to early childhood experts. One academic said it would be "internationally embarrassing" if Australia put economics and workforce participation...

Childcare mess needs State to pitch in
Sydney Morning Herald - Kirsty Needham - July 26, 2014
More than 500 working parents flooded the Productivity Commission with stressful tales of wrestling a childcare system that doesn't fit modern life. "How am I supposed to rejoin the workforce when I can't find a childcare place with 17 months notice?" demanded one young mother. Her cry for...

Parents using teachers as babysitters
Sydney Morning Herald - Alexandra Smith - July 26, 2014
Parents who cannot secure after-school care or who want to avoid paying the fees are relying on teachers to be defacto babysitters outside school hours, principals and childcare groups have warned. Principals say some parents drop their children at school before formal supervised hours...

Teachers being asked to toilet train school starters
Canberra Times - Julieanne Strachan - July 26, 2014
Parents are making Canberra schools responsible for toilet training their children in some cases, putting an extra burden on educators, teachers have reported. An increasing number of children were starting preschool and kindergarten with toileting difficulties and some parents were...

Books, docos and devices help kids to stay with science lessons
Sunday Telegraph - Bruce McDougall and Wes Hosking - July 26, 2014
CUTTING edge technology is driving a major surge in enthusiasm for science lessons by thousands of children from preschool age to the senior secondary years. Educators are combining the use of digital devices such as electronic tablets, smart phones and laptops with hands-on field studies...

Aussie nannies forced to fill dog bowls with bottled water, wash sheets on clean beds and dress down for sleazy hubbies
Sunday Herald Sun - Ruth Lamperd - July 26, 2014
IT conjures images of Frane Fine or Mary Poppins, but as Ruth Lamperd reveals, the real world of nannying is far less glamorous. For starters, here's a few reasons why: NANNY TALES Most parents who employ nannies get it right. But when they don't, their oddest demands surface in coffee...

Proposal backs short-term sublet of childcare places
Sydney Morning Herald - Judith Ireland, Rachel Browne - July 26, 2014
Parents would be able to sublet their precious childcare places while they are on holiday or on maternity leave under a Productivity Commission idea that has been backed by the federal government. The federal minister with responsibility for childcare, Sussan Ley, has come out...

Tony Abbott's get out of jail free card on PPL
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - July 26, 2014
Childcare is the burning issue that remains the Prime Minister's biggest social policy challenge this term. It is the test he himself set when he first floated the idea taxpayers should fund nannies for modern families work­ing around the clock. Childcare is the modern barbecue stopper and...

Eventual saving in childcare reforms
The Australian - Patricia Karvelas - July 26, 2014
THE Productivity Commission has vowed to rein in the ballooning cost of childcare, arguing that the new "deemed" cost model it has proposed will save taxpayers significant money in the long term. This is despite the commission report, released this week, suggesting childcare spending increase...

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