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August 13, 2014
Do you think child care services need to get in line with today's working hours and be more flexible or even 24/7? We'd love you to tell us what you think in our mini poll. And has your house been overtaken by the dreaded loom bands? Our article on Loom Rage looks at whether these little bands are as innocent as they seem.
Open all hours

Should child care services be open for longer?

The Productivity Commission has been looking into flexibility and accessibility of preschool and child care services, with the times that services run being one of the issues faced by many parents.

A quarter of parents who responded to our own child care survey said that if they could change something about their child care, it would be to have more flexible hours.

People are increasingly working unsociable hours, or have longer commutes, both of which mean meeting the 8-6 deadlines of child care can be difficult. And it's not only difficult, but also expensive, because if we miss those times, often we have to pay a fine (although parents generally agree that this is fair).

Our working week isn't just Monday to Friday any more, with major services being open not just during the day, but during the night and also at weekends and on public holidays.
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Loom rage

Has your child been possessed by the loom devil?

By Sophie Cross

Rainbow loom bands are taking over the world. Literally. They are apparently one of the most popular trends since EVER, and the money-spinner of the moment for every discount store, toyshop and street trader. They are appearing in practically every playground in the world.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been photographed wearing them, as have David Beckham, Miley Cyrus and Harry Styles.

They are the eighth best-selling toy of all time on Amazon and a ridiculously cheap fad in comparison to XBox, DS games and other expensive computer games.

But these cheap and colourful little bands are taking over in more ways than one. Personally everywhere I look in my house and the garden I can guarantee I will find at least 20 loom bands. They get EVERYWHERE. They're down the sofas, in the floorboards, drawers, bins, dishwasher, washing machine, in the dog… MILLIONS in the vacuum cleaner.
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