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February 2, 2021
Welcome, this week 10 top tips for running better meetings in 2021, as suggested by the Education Director at Farran Street Education Adrian Pattra. Also, win a copy of the CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year, My Friend Fred, courtesy of Allen and Unwin.
10 Ways to Run Inspiring Meetings in 2021.
This week Education Director at Farran Street Education, Adrian Pattra, offers his top ten tips for running meetings to motivate and inspire your team in 2021.

Meetings tend to be the bugbear of both staff and managers alike. However, COVID-19 and the disruptions of the past year have made many of us re-evaluate how we spend our precious little face-to-face time together in meetings.

Technologies like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger allow us to communicate transactional information in efficient and effective methods. This means we can now use our meetings to help our teams feel inspired, connected and develop strong sense of purpose.

We have come up with our top 10 ways to run inspiring meetings.
An award-winning book to share with the children in your service
My Friend Fred is the most recent winner of the CBCA Early Childhood Book of the Year Award, and it's a wonderful picture book for ages three to five.

Written by Frances Watts and illustrated by Anne Yi, My Friend Fred focuses on two furry friends – an exuberant, but loveable dachshund and his neater, more circumspect housemate.

This book is paw-fect (or should that be purr-fect?) for storytime in early education services, so let's see how educators and preschoolers can share its meaningful themes and develop early reading and language skills.
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