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September 22, 2020
Welcome, this week the Child Care Recovery Package and what it means for Victorian services. We consider the steps early childhood centres can take to prevent random crime and vandalism, how environment impacts the way children play and learn. Plus is your service in Australia's top 10 most searched postcodes.
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The child care recovery package
In some good news for Victorian early childhood services, struggling in light of the current lockdown, the government has announced additional support measures.

The government says these measures will provide financial relief to families while ensuring the early childhood sector remains open to support economic recovery after COVID-19.

The Child Care Recovery Package offers:
Research: How play environments impact child health
With pre-school aged children spending considerable periods of time in early education settings, the importance of the environment in which they play is increasingly in the spotlight.

To this end, data from more than a million Australian and Welsh children will be examined to understand how the built environment impacts child health and obesity.

The BEACHES project, a collaboration between universities in Australia and Wales, being co-led by the Telethon Kids Institute, will examine how places and spaces created and modified by people- such as buildings, parks and transport systems- influence physical activity and obesity levels among children.
Preventing break-ins in your business
While break-ins and vandalism may not seem like a priority for early childhood centres, they can happen and taking proactive steps to prevent crime will ensure you minimise exposure to risk and keep your centre safe and secure for the welfare of your staff, children and community.

In July, a Crime Alert sent out by Queensland Police highlighted a string of break and enters targeting child care centres in the Brisbane Region. The Alert urged businesses to review and ensure security systems were fully functional to reduce risk.
Boost your occupancy
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