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February 25, 2020
Welcome, this week Sunday 1 March is Clean Up Australia day and we have a host of ideas on getting involved, also how early childhood services can bridge the word gap and support vocabulary development among children.
Clean Up Australia Day
inspires sustainability & fun
Clean Up Australia Day is iconic and has the power to inspire and teach young children about waste issues, sustainability and how to take care of the environment. In 2020 Clean Up Australia Day is on Sunday, 1 March and the Schools and Youth Clean Up event will run on Friday, 28 February. This week easy ways to participate as an early childhood service.

According to Clean Up Australia Chairman Pip Kiernan, Australia creates 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year. Only 12 per cent of this is recycled, with the rest ending up in our parks, roadsides, bush, waterways, and oceans or in landfill as rubbish.

Every year thousands of Australians take to their local park, beach, bushland and streets to clean up some of this waste from local environments. Involving young children engages them in how to make a difference within the environment and their community.
Partnering with parents to bridge the 'word gap'
The variation between children starting primary school compared to their peers is called the 'word gap', and while the reasons are hotly debated there are some strategies educators can share with families to grow a child's vocabulary in the years before school.

"Language variation in children is complex and difficult to attribute to a single cause. Regardless of the causes, low levels of vocabulary set limits on literacy, understanding, learning the curriculum and can create a downward spiral of poor language which begins to affect all aspects of life," says Lancaster University’s Professor of Language and Literacy Kate Cain, in the Oxford Language Report, Why Closing the Word Gap Matters.
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