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February 18, 2020
Welcome, research shows many preschool aged children are failing to meet recommended physical activity guidelines, this week ideas to boost movement in your service. Also, six strategies for supporting successful transitions.
Fun Ideas for Boosting Activity Levels
We all understand the benefits of physical activity for young children but with only 61 per cent of children aged 2–5-years-old meeting Australia's 24-hour physical activity guidelines, there's a challenge to build more movement into the daily routine of early childhood centres.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare children in this age bracket also scored high in sedentary screen-based activity with only 25 per cent meeting recommended activity guidelines.

These statistics were reflected in a recent study from the University of Western Australia, which found that over an 8-hour day at an early childhood service, physical activity was only 123 minutes for toddlers and 139 minutes for pre-schoolers. The study also found that only 16 per cent of early childhood services had a written physical activity policy in place.
Six strategies to help children transition through their day
In a typical day in their early childhood service children play, dance, paint, eat, sleep, read and in between – they transition.

In a single day, young children do a lot of transitions. It's the time, where under teacher direction, children move as a group between activities and routines and it can sometimes be very challenging.

The perfect vision of young children lined up like orderly little ducklings in a row as they move from one activity to another is a wonderful image but as all early childhood educators will testify, this is rarely the way it happens.
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