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November 1, 2016
Welcome, keen to earn some extra income by babysitting some of the children in your service out of hours? Make sure you check out our guidelines to maximise your chances of success. Also a new resource to support early childhood educators care for children with special needs.
New resource to better support children with additional needs
A new online learning hub for early childhood education and care providers has been launched to help providers support children with a disability and/or complex additional needs.

The Early Years Connect website has been funded by the Queensland Government and will be delivered by Early Childhood Australia, C&K and Autism Queensland. Although the resource has been developed in Queensland it is freely available to early childhood providers across the country.
Early childhood professionals
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Babysitting to supplement your income
As a qualified and experienced early childhood education and care provider you have a special opportunity to build trust and connections with the children you look after on a daily basis. The relationship between families and carers can grow very strong over the years and may lead to an offer of babysitting after hours or over the weekend.

If you have the capacity to do some additional babysitting or nanny services on top of your usual work, it is an excellent way to supplement the income you earn from your position with a service and is likely to be a lot less strenuous than caring for a group of children.

If you are offered babysitting or nanny work outside your usual employment arrangement and are keen to give it a go, it is worth keeping the following points in mind to maximise your chances of success:
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