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Child Care Industry News
June 3, 2014
Welcome, this week learn how to enhance communications and write a press release for your service. Also your chance to access a new e-learning resource for ECTs working with families where there is a parental mental illness.
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University seeking ECTs to evaluate new tool

Monash University is looking for early childhood education and care professionals to evaluate a new resource designed for educators working with families where a parent with a mental illness has children under five.

The resource, called Pathways of Care, provides early childhood educators with the skills and knowledge to support children and families with a parental mental illness. There is also information on the types of referrals that might be appropriate.

To date, very little research has sought the perspectives of early childhood educators and services on this issue. To address this gap the researchers are offering early childhood service providers the opportunity to be involved in reviewing the new Pathways of Care e-learning resource.

Your opinions will be used to improve the resource and inform government policy and workforce development in this area the researchers are encouraging people to forward this information on to other educators who might be interested in participating.
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How to write a press release
Many early childhood education and care centres initiate events, educational activities and environmental programs which are inspiring, imaginative and worthy of publicity.

The feel-good news stories which originate in child care settings are of great interest to local media outlets and contribute to a sense of pride in the local community.

If you have a great story you think is worth sharing then have a go at writing a press release. These short, sharp summaries outline the main points of the story in the first couple of paragraphs covering the five Ws and H of basic news reporting: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.
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