Goodstart Early Learning Payneham

403- 407 Payneham Rd - Payneham SA 5070

1800 222 543

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Just want to take the time to say that the support I get on a daily basis from my son's Day care Centre is amazing, working hand in hand and side by side with people that REALLY TRULY know my little man is a pleasure. The communication is above and beyond and I can't say enough about the love my son gets on a daily basis, and the love he's able to give back. My son isn't always the easiest of children as he has Sensory Processing Disorder but never do they make me feel like a bad Mum and he certainly gets all the help he needs while there. I like to think I've made a couple of friends along the journey too I honestly can't speak highly enough of each and every staff member ... so to each of them I thank them on a daily basis, they really are a one in a million group of ladies .