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May 5, 2021
Welcome, this week learn how technology may be used in outside school hours care services to enhance learning experiences. Also, Silvia Colloca's recipe for Baked Potato Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, perfect for Mother's Day and your chance to win a copy of her beautiful new recipe book.
Digital devices in outside school hours care
Outside school hours care (OSHC) provides many opportunities for your child to learn, play, relax and socialise as you clock up hours at work. And although classic resources, like ball games and art materials, still have an important place in OSHC, there's much to be gained from modern technology, too.

With educators on stand-by and appropriate content at hand, your child can tap into many quality learning experiences by using a digital device.

Here, we see how the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) is encouraging OSHC services to plan and implement programs with screen time in mind.
A delicious way to celebrate Mother's Day
Mother's Day is all about the women we hold dear, and today we’re sharing a recipe that's been passed down from grandmother to mother in Silvia Colloca's Italian family.

Silvia is a cookbook author, cooking show creator and mum of three who's trained in the art of making simple ingredients into special dishes.

Below you'll find her recipe for Baked Potato Gnocchi alla Sorrentina - a moreish meal of hand-rolled gnocchi, rich tomato sugo and melty bocconcini.

We hope it's a delicious addition to your Mother's Day menu, and buon appetito!
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