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May 19, 2021
Welcome, this week how to recognise and secure the best care for your infant and 10 excellent guilt-free TV choices, for the rainy days of Autumn.
Choosing high quality child care for your infant
You can enrol your baby in child care long before they’re able to walk, talk or blow out their first birthday candle.

And although you might be worried about leaving your little one in the arms of another, research has shown that being in child care may actually enhance the development of ages zero to two – as long as the child care provided is of a high quality.

Here, we see what high quality care offers infants, and share Starting Blocks’ advice to help you find the best child care service for your baby.
Guilt-free TV: 10 enriching shows for under fives
'Excessive screen time' has ranked as the number one child health concern amongst Australian parents in 2021.

According to the latest Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) national poll more than 90 per cent of parents think screen time is a big problem or somewhat of a problem in the community. And although we can blame the pandemic for an increase in screen hours, the RCH poll suggests that too much screen time is a persistent problem, with parental concern about it sitting at a similar level five years ago.

With this worry, also comes guilt.

Many of us feel bad about letting our kids watch too much as we try to balance work, child care, chores and life, but we’re pleased to report that there are ways to select quality screen content and press 'pause' on parental guilt. Here's how.
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