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June 23, 2021
Welcome, this week learn about Victoria's Kinder Tick program and how it supports parents looking for child care. Research shows how masculine traits may benefit parenting and get the lowdown on our new partnership with Circle in and how it benefits working parents.
Our new partnership helps working parents find child care
Each year, helps millions of Australian parents find a workable solution to their child care needs.

Whether a family is looking for work-friendly hours, budget-friendly days or a convenient commute, our site makes it easy to search for, and secure, a great child care fit.

Now, we're pleased to report that is partnering with Circle In to help more parents manage work and family life.

Here, we explain what this exclusive joint venture means for working mums and dads.
A great new way to find funded kindergarten in Victoria
Teacher-led, play-based kinder programs are beneficial for all Australian preschoolers, and if you live in Victoria, the Kinder Tick is making it easier for you to find a program that will set your child up for success.

Today, we explain the Kinder Tick and share the benefits of approved kinder programs, both in early childhood and later life.

We're also very pleased to report that two years of funded kindergarten is being rolled out in Victoria, so without further ado, here's the lowdown on kinder in the Education State.
New study links masculine traits with positive fathering
Although many modern dads steer away from the hardcore authoritarianism of their forefathers, research out of America suggests that traditional masculine characteristics, like competitiveness and dominance, can actually have a positive effect on some men's parenting.

As long as 'manly' fathers believe they should also be nurturing, it seems there are benefits to be had for men, women and children.

Here, we explore The Ohio State University's research in more detail and see what it means for 21st Century fathers and their families.
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