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June 16, 2021
Welcome, this week Finnish preschool HEI schools is opening two centres in NSW, learn what this approach to early education offers children. Also , e-safety resources for preschool-aged children.
The benefits of a Finnish preschool model for young Australians
Finland has been named the happiest country in the world for the fourth year running, and although there are multiple reasons for this, the Finns’ positive outlook starts early in life.

The Finnish education system is famed for its focus on play, physical activity and creativity in a child's first six years, rather than academia, and before school starts at the age of seven, there's lots of time to engage in the joy of learning.

Littlies are given the freedom to make choices, have fun and learn on the run, and we're pleased to report that children outside of Finland can also enjoy the nation's uplifting approach to early education.

HEI Schools is a Finnish preschool concept that's offered in Australia and around the world, and to learn more about the 'HEI Way' – and two early learning centres that are opening in NSW - we spoke with HEI Schools Australia.
Fun new eSafety resources for under fives
As your preschooler delves deeper into the online world, it's possible that their digital device will take them somewhere not-so-nice.

Funny videos can quickly become serious, online chats aren't always child-friendly, and the majority of preschoolers aren't naturally cautious about clicking pop-ups or sharing private information.

In fact, a study by eSafety consultant, Professor Susan Edwards, has found that 89 per cent of four-year-olds would click on a pop-up (even if they couldn't read it and didn't know what it was about), and 73 per cent said they'd tell someone their name and address online.

For these reasons, it's very important to model good screen habits of your own, establish sound online safety rules, and talk about using screens safely from an early age.

The eSafety Early Years program offers practical resources to help you do this, and the eSafety Commissioner has recently released an online safety picture book and song to help you 'start the chat' about online safety, set family-friendly rules, and teach your child how to ask for help when using a digital device.
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