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July 14, 2021
Welcome this week Little Scientists Australia explain how they support early educators to fuel a love of STEM among preschoolers. Also 13 nutrients essential to your child's health and in light of the new lockdown in NSW, an opportunity to check in on yourself with our Wellbeing Toolkit.
How educators weave STEM into early learning
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (or 'STEM' for short) are four disciplines that make the world go round, and in the early learning environment, there are endless ways to spark under fives' interest in STEM and encourage them to question, explore, test and discover.

The simplest of experiments can lead to sophisticated understandings, and educators play an important role in sparking young children's curiosity, following their interests and wrapping their minds - and hands - around key STEM concepts.

In support of this, Little Scientists Australia equips educators with the positive mindset, practical skills and engaging activities they need to successfully teach STEM to children.
Brain food for toddlers
A lot is said about the importance of a child's first 1,000 days, and when it comes to early brain development, good nutrition at this time isn't just food for thought – it's essential.

Researchers explain that, 'A great deal of the brain's ultimate structure and capacity is shaped early in life before the age of three years,' and good nutrition is a key factor that influences brain development at this crucial time.

It's important that your toddler eats a healthy, balanced diet, and when it comes to specific foods, the researchers have identified 13 nutrients that are essential for early brain growth and function.

Today, we name these nutrients, and see which toddler-friendly foods contain these brain-boosters.
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