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February 17, 2021
Welcome, this week a reminder about the importance of dressing your child appropriately for a day in care to ensure they maximise their play and learning. Also, super fun water play ideas to make the most of the long and lovely days of summer.
How to choose appropriate clothing for child care
The child care day is an all-action and all-weather endeavour, and to help your under five dress for success and feel comfortable in their second skin, it pays to choose the right clothing.

Fortunately, this doesn't mean you have to buy expensive brands.

A simple child care outfit has the power to protect your little one from the elements, free them up to learn and play, encourage their independence and boost their self-esteem, so let's see what clothing is suitable for a short session or a long day of care.
The benefits of water play + bucketloads of activities to try
Water play provides oodles of fun for children, and it's a splishy, splashy, sploshy way for under fives to learn through play.

A simple tub of H2O provides endless opportunities for your child to observe, experiment, discover and feel. There is pouring, squirting, sponging, bobbing, sieving, melting, swishing and lots more to do, and even though we think of water play as a summery, outdoors activity, it's easy to set up water play activities indoors and all year round.

Here we look at the benefits of water play in your child's early years and provide some easy ideas for water-based activities.
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