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February 10, 2021
Welcome, this week strategies for assessing the suitability of an Outside School Hours Care service for your school-aged child. Founder of Raise Early Years Mandy Richardson explains the Respectful Approach to parenting and your chance to win $10,000 in FREE child care!
Your Chance to Win $10,000 in Free Child Care
The start of the year is an expensive time for many families and this year is lightening the load with a $10,000 child care giveaway.

Yep, you read that right, one lucky family will win $10,000 worth of free care with the centre of their choice.

It’s that easy and just another way is working to support Australian families.

All you need to do to go in the draw to win is make an online enquiry with one of the many thousands of child care services listed on the website.

An online enquiry includes:
  • Sending an email to a centre to ask a question
  • Requesting to tour a child care centre
  • Adding your name to a centre's online waitlist
  • Signing up for our Child Care Vacancy Alert service
You can make an enquiry with up to five child care centres and each enquiry counts as a separate entry in the draw.

The website is an easy and effective way to research, source and secure the best child care for your family. Why not hop online and have a look now?

Terms and conditions apply.
What to look for in an Outside School Hours Care service
Outside School Hours Care (or OSHC) is a huge help to many parents. It bridges the gap between school hours and work hours, covers pupil-free days, fills holidays with fun and comes to the rescue when unexpected events mess with school pick-up plans.

Because of its usefulness, there is a high demand for OSHC, and although you might be tempted to enrol your child in the first service that has a vacancy, it is important to find a quality OSHC service – whether your child will be spending the occasional morning there, every afternoon, or be booked in for weeks and weeks of holidays throughout the year.
What is the Respectful Approach?
As parents, we're always on hand to help our children, and when we see them struggling with a task, there's a natural temptation to jump in and make things easier.

At toddler age, mums and dads can be quick to stack the fourth block, choose a round shape for the round hole, or help little ones climb out of the sandpit, but new research suggests that we shouldn't be too hasty to help.
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