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April 28, 2021
Welcome, this week an interview with the inspirational director of Good Start Tuggerah Adam Angwin, to learn why this centre just keeps getting more and more Excellent! Also, say no to nits (and headlice).
A spotlight on Goodstart Early Learning Tuggerah
Enriching learning programs, fantastic facilities, meaningful relationships, and experienced educators are some of the key things you’re looking for in an early learning service, and Goodstart Tuggerah has all these qualities in spades!

This long day care centre was awarded an Excellent rating by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) early this year, and it’s an inspiring place for little learners and the greater community.

Today, Adam Angwin, Centre Director of Goodstart Tuggerah explains some of the initiatives that set his service apart.
The best way to banish head lice
Head lice are persistent little critters and it's very likely that these itchy insects will find a home in your child's hair at some point or other.

Studies have shown that around one in four primary school aged Australian children have head lice, and although this statistic sends a shiver down the spine, we're pleased to report that head lice don't carry disease, and you can get on top of infestations with the help of a humble lice comb.

Here, we look at head lice in closer detail and share CHOICE's expert advice for banishing these bugs.
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