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September 9, 2020
Welcome, with evidence to show that COVID-19 has adversely affected our mental health, a range of evidence-based resources which may be of use to the families and carers of young children. Also, the positive impacts of dad play.
Mental health support for educators and children
COVID-19 has put early childhood educators under a lot of emotional and financial strain this year. There has been uncertainty around attendance rates, intense responsibilities around health and hygiene, and a rise in the level of support that many families need in these worrisome times.

The latest Royal Children's Hospital Child Health Poll reports that COVID-19 has negatively impacted the mental health of 36 per cent of children, and educators are often at the frontline, helping our little ones manage big feelings.

With all this in mind, it's important that educators protect their own mental health while also caring for the emotional needs of our children.

To help them do this, Beyond Blue has released some advice for early learning communities as part of its Be You national mental health initiative, and here’s their thinking around child care.
The benefits of 'Dad play' in a child's first years
It's never too early for a father to play with his child, and according to research by the University of Cambridge and the LEGO Foundation, physical play with Dad is more than just a bonding exercise for ages zero to three.

There's evidence that father-child play can also help littlies control their behaviour and emotions as they grow up, so let's see how this finding emerged and why all parents should take the time to play.
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