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September 30, 2020
Welcome, this week we talk to Dr Kate Highfield from Early Childhood Australia to learn how parents can support their child to successfully transition to big school, despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19. Also, research to justify why you should say YES, when your child asks for a puppy!
Expert advice to help your child transition to school
COVID-19 has created a substantial upheaval in our lives, and as preschoolers get ready for the move to big school, some parents are concerned that child care absences and changed routines in 2020 will affect their preschoolers' preparedness for class in 2021.

To address these concerns and explain how you can help your preschooler make a smooth transition in unsettled times, we spoke with Dr Kate Highfield, General Manager of Professional Learning and Research Translation at Early Childhood Australia.
How preschoolers benefit from having a family dog
The relationship between human and hound goes back thousands of years and there are lots of reasons why pet pooches are still a big part of the modern family.

Dogs make us feel loved, relaxed and happy. They encourage us to exercise; support those with special needs; and teach our children important life lessons around responsibility, cause and effect, self-regulation and even mortality.

In the past, researchers have found that having a family pet may protect school-aged kids (and especially only children) from developing social-emotional problems; and now new research indicates that the physical and emotional health of preschoolers might be boosted by having a pet dog.
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