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September 23, 2020
Welcome, this week the Child Care Recovery Package and what it means for Victorian families. Plus for families missing grandparents and family members who are interstate or overseas videocalls offer a wonderful way of staying in touch. We've got some tips on how to make them work with a preschooler. Also, go wild with messy play bingo.
The child care recovery package
In some good news for Victorian parents, struggling in light of the current lockdown, the government has announced additional support measures to provide financial relief to families and support the child care sector.

While many of the measures are aimed to support the financial viability of early education providers, there are some additional changes which directly impact families.
How to optimise video calls between grandparents and under fives
Some grandparents care for their grandchildren every week and others relish the opportunity to connect with them when holidays permit, but either way, this year's pandemic has impacted how seniors and juniors spend time together.

Health precautions and travel restrictions have created distance between the generations, but the good news is that video calls have filled the void as a way for grandparents and grandchildren to keep in touch virtually, if not physically.

These calls are enabling grandparents to share in their little ones' lives, and there's evidence that even very young children can develop a social connection via video call.
Hands-on fun with messy play bingo
For the uninitiated, messy play bingo is a splashier, squelchier, squishier version of the classic game.

It mixes fun with early learning, and all you need is a bingo board full of messy play activities, and a little person to tick them off one-by-one.
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