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September 16, 2020
Welcome, this week we take a look at a new AIFS report which considers the impact of COVID-19 on parenting and family life. Also, how to harness the power of praise to support your child.
Research into child care use during COVID-19
It's interesting to learn that although we pivoted our work, social lives and formal child care arrangements when the pandemic first hit, there wasn't a great upheaval in the division of child care duties at home.

In fact, new research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) has found that COVID-19 'had minimal impact' on the way mums and dads shared child care responsibilities during the May/June lockdown.

To understand how COVID-19 did affect Australians earlier this year, the AIFS surveyed 7,306 people around the country (from 1 May to 9 June, 2020) and analysed their experiences in its first Life During COVID-19 Report.
Read, Learn, Empower: A life-changing fundraiser for children
Learning to read is an exciting, eye-opening and essential part of every child's development; and as they move through school and life, literacy is a skill that helps youngsters to understand the world, reach their academic potential, make social and emotional connections, and entertain themselves along the way.

In the 21st Century, picture books, chapter books, text books and other printed materials all have a big place in children's hearts and minds, and it's also important that youngsters learn how to understand and connect with non-printed text, whether they're reading an e-book or exploring a website.

ABC Reading Eggs is a great example of how digital literacy can be taught in a fun and effective way, and this month, the online learning program is providing families with a chance to give the gift of literacy to our own children – and to those living in poverty.

ABC Reading Eggs' inaugural Read, Learn, Empower fundraising campaign is on until 30 September, so let's see what it aims to achieve and how you can get involved.
The power of praise
Praise is a simple, but meaningful, way to encourage good feelings and good behaviour in your child.

It happens when you tell your youngster what you like about their behaviour, and although, "Good job!" is a catchphrase that rings out regularly in playgrounds, there's a school of thought that specific, mindful praise has greater benefit than generic words of encouragement.

Here we look at Raising Children's advice around praise and see how you can use positive feedback to enhance your child's learning and development.
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