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October 7, 2020
Welcome, this week we take a look at new rules surrounding the transportation of children when they are under the care of early childhood services. Also, strategies for keeping your child happy, busy and emotionally well during stressful times.
New rules around the transportation of children by education and care services
Education and care services have policies and procedures in place to protect children's health, safety and well-being – not just at their service, but when youngsters are being transported under the care of their service.

Unfortunately, the recent death of a three-year-old who was left on a child care minibus, and the case of a 14-month-old forgotten on another service’s bus, show that tragic mistakes can happen when children are being transported by their service.
6 ways to keep young children busy (and happy) indoors
Under-fives have energy to burn, and if you're not able to let your child loose because of wet weather or work-from-home constraints, then don't worry. There are lots of cheap, cheerful and uncomplicated ways to get young children moving indoors.

Here are 6 inside activities to start with:
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